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SED 2018:

The Annual Meeting of the SED will take place in Mexico City between June 28th and June 30th, 2018.

The Program Chairs are David Lagakos and Guillermo Ordonez.

 The Plenary Speakers are: Joe Altonji, Enrique Mendoza, and Nancy Stokey.


Special issue on Human Capital and Inequality is out! Dean Corbae, Mariacristina de Nardi, and Lance Lochner are the editors for this issue.

Our new Coordinating Editors are Jonathan Heathcote and Vincenzo QuadriniOur new Associate Editors are Alejandro Justiniano, David LagakosLance LochnerLuigi Paciello, Kim Ruhl, and  Julia Thomas

Research Agenda

Moritz Kuhn on Understanding Income and Wealth Inequality

EconomicDynamics Interview

Marco Del Negro on DSGE modelling in policy