Economic Dynamics
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Volume 12 (2009)

Issue 1 (January)

Empirical Applications of Discrete Choice Dynamic Programming Models
by Michael P. Keane & Kenneth I. Wolpin

Lifetime Aggregate Labor Supply with Endogenous Workweek Length
by Edward C. Prescott & Richard Rogerson & Johanna Wallenius

Optimal Unemployment Insurance in an Estimated Job Search Model with Savings
by Rasmus Lentz

An Empirical Investigation of Labor Income Processes
by Fatih Guvenen

Home Production, Market Production and the Gender Wage Gap: Incentives and Expectations
by Stefania Albanesi & Claudia Olivetti

An Equilibrium Search Model with Optimal Wage-Experience Contracts
by Carlos Carrillo-Tudela

The Aggregate Labor Market Effects of the Swedish Knowledge Lift Program
by James Albrecht & Gerard van den Berg & Susan Vroman

Delaying Retirement in Spain
by Javier Díaz-Giménez & Julián Díaz-Saavedra

Education, Sectoral Composition and Growth
by Joseph P. Kaboski

Labor Markets and Productivity in Developing Countries
by Mathan Satchi & Jonathan Temple

The Federal Student Loan Program: Quantitative Implications for College Enrollment and Default Rates
by Felicia Ionescu

Issue 2 (April)

Dynamics of city formation
by Vernon Henderson & Anthony Venables

Euler Equation Errors
by Martin Lettau & Sydney Ludvigson

Asymmetric Expectation Effects of Regime Shifts in Monetary Policy
by Zheng Liu & Daniel Waggoner & Tao Zha

Time Varying U.S. Inflation Dynamics and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve
by Kevin Lansing

Output, Inflation, and Interest Rates in an Estimated Optimizing Model of Monetary Policy
by Benjamin Keen

Transactions, Credit, and Central Banking in a Model of Segmented Markets
by Stephen D. Williamson

Yet Another Reason to Tax Goods
by Carlos E. da Costa

Aid Effectiveness and Limited Enforceable Conditionality
by Almuth Scholl

Issue 3 (July)

Revisiting the Welfare Effects of Eliminating Business Cycles
by Per Krusell & Toshihiko Mukoyama & Aysegul Sahin & Anthony A. Smith, Jr.

Asset Prices and Business Cycles under Market Incompleteness
by Eva Carceles-Poveda

Consumption over the Life Cycle: How Different is Housing?
by Fang Yang

The Loan Structure and Housing Tenure Decisions in an Equilibrium Model of Mortgage Choice
by Matt Chambers & Carlos Garriga & Don Schlagenhauf

The Stationary Distribution of Wealth under Progressive Taxation
by Daniel R. Carroll & Eric R. Young

Product Market Deregulation and the U.S. Employment Miracle
by Monique Ebell & Christian Haefke

Entrepreneurship and Productivity: The Slow Growth of the Planned Economies
by Claustre Bajona & Luis Locay

A Tale of Two States: Maharashtra and West Bengal
by Amartya Lahiri & Kei-Mu Yi

Issue 4 (October)

Model Uncertainty and Liquidity
by Bryan Routledge & Stanley Zin

Schumpeterian Business Cycles with Pro-Cyclical R&D
by Patrick Francois & Huw Lloyd-Ellis

Technology shocks around the world
by Martial Dupaigne & Patrick Fève

A Positive Theory of Government Debt
by Fernando Martin

The Cost of Labor Adjustment: Inferences from the Gap
by Russell Cooper & Jonathan Willis

The Industry Life-Cycle of the Size Distribution of Firms
by Emin Dinlersoz & Glenn MacDonald

Fashion Statement
by Ted Temzelides

Macroeconomic Effects of Financial Policy
by Yann Algan & Olivier Allais & Eva Carceles-Poveda

Relative Underperformance Alla Turca
by Tasso Adamopoulos & Ahmet Akyol

Optimal Savings with Taxable and Tax-Deferred Accounts
by Francisco Gomes & Alexander Michaelides & Valery Polkovnichenko

Delivering Endogenous Inertia in Prices and Output
by Alok Johri