Economic Dynamics
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Volume 13 (2010)

Issue 1 (January): Special Issue: Cross Sectional Facts for Macroeconomists

Data and code files

Cross Sectional Facts for Macroeconomists
by Dirk Krueger & Fabrizio Perri & Luigi Pistaferri & Giovanni L. Violante

Unequal We Stand: An Empirical Analysis of Economic Inequality in the United States: 1967-2006
by Jonathan Heathcote & Fabrizio Perri & Giovanni L. Violante

Consumption, Income, and Wealth Inequality in Canada
by Matthew Brzozowski & Martin Gervais & Paul Klein & Michio Suzuki

Consumption, Income and Earnings Inequality in Britain
by Richard Blundell & Ben Etheridge

Inequality Trends for Germany in the Last Two Decades: A Tale of Two Countries
by Nicola Fuchs-Schuendeln & Dirk Krueger & Mathias Sommer

Does Consumption Inequality Track Income Inequality in Italy?
by Tullio Jappelli & Luigi Pistaferri

Spain is Different: Falling Trends of Inequality
by Josep Pijoan-Mas & Virginia Sanchez-Marcos

Inequality Trends in Sweden 1978-2004
by David Domeij & Martin Floden

Inequality and Volatility Moderation in Russia: Evidence from Micro-Level Panel Data on Consumption and Income
by Yuriy Gorodnichenko & Klara Sabirianova Peter & Dmitriy Stolyarov

Mexico in the 1990s: the Main Cross-Sectional Facts
by Chiara Binelli & Orazio Attanasio

Issue 2 (April)

How Much Does Household Collateral Constrain Regional Risk Sharing?
by Hanno Lustig & Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh

Monetary policy with Heterogeneous Agents and Borrowing Constraints
by Yann Algan & Xavier Ragot

Incomplete Cost Pass-Through Under Deep Habits
by Morten Overgaard Ravn & Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe & Martin Uribe

Unobservable Persistent Productivity and Long Term Contracts
by Hugo Hopenhayn & Arantxa Jarque

Optimal Personal Bankruptcy Design under Moral Hazard
by Borys Grochulski

Asset Pricing in a Production Economy with Chew-Dekel Preferences
by Claudio Campanale & Rui Castro & Gian Luca Clementi

Credible Redistributive Policies and Migration across US States
by Roc Armenter & Francesc Ortega

Demographic Transition and Industrial Revolution: A Macroeconomic Investigation
by Michael Bar & Oksana Leukhina

Fiscal Policy and Default Risk in Emerging Markets
by Gabriel Cuadra & Juan Sanchez & Horacio Sapriza

Endogenous Money, Inflation and Welfare
by Espen Henriksen & Finn Kydland

Issue 3 (July)

Trade, Growth, and Convergence in a Dynamic Heckscher-Ohlin Model
by Claustre Bajona & Timothy Kehoe

Entry and Exit Echoes
by Boyan Jovanovic & Chung-Yi Tse

Owning Capital or Being Shareholders: An Equivalence Result with Incomplete Markets
by Eva Carceles-Poveda & Daniele Coen Pirani

Social Memory, Evidence, and Conflict
by Luca Anderlini & Dino Gerardi & Roger Lagunoff

Rent Rigidity, Asymmetric Information, and Volatility Bounds in Labor
by Bjoern Bruegemann & Giuseppe Moscarini

A Life-Cycle Analysis of Social Security with Housing
by Kaiji Chen

From Malthusian War to Solowian Peace
by Nils-Petter Lagerlof

Multi-player Bargaining with Endogenous Capacity
by Gabriele Camera & Cemil Selcuk

Inflation and Output Dynamics in a Model with Labor Market Search and Capital Accumulation
by Burkhard Heer & Alfred Maussner

Markets and Relationships in a Learning Economy
by Luis Araujo & Raoul Minetti

Finite State Markov-chain Approximations to Highly Persistent Processes
by Karen Kopecky & Richard Suen

Productivity, Energy Prices and the Great Moderation: A New Link
by Rajeev Dhawan & Karsten Jeske & Pedro Silos

Issue 4 (October)

Taxes and Female Labor Supply
by Remzi Kaygusuz

A General Equilibrium Analysis of Parental Leave Policies
by Andres Erosa & Luisa Fuster & Diego Restuccia

Matching frictions, unemployment dynamics and the cost of business cycles
by Jean-Olivier Hairault & Francois Langot & Sophie Osotimehin

Estimating Mobility Rates in Search Models with Initial Condition Problems
by Gadi Barlevy & H. N. Nagaraja

Reforming State Owned Enterprises in China: Effects of WTO Accession
by Claustre Bajona & Tianshu Chu

Oil Crisis, Energy-Saving Technological Change and the Stock Market Crash of 1973-74
by Sami Alpanda & Adrian Peralta-Alva

Rational Inattention, Long-run Consumption Risk, and Portfolio Choice
by Yulei Luo

A Theory of Firm Decline
by Gian Luca Clementi & Thomas Cooley & Soni Di Giannatale

Existence of a continuum of equilibria in a monetary random-matching model
by Hideko Ishihara

Global dynamics in repeated games with additively separable payoffs
by Takashi Kamihigashi & Taiji Furusawa

Quantitative properties of sovereign default models: solution methods
by Juan Carlos Hatchondo & Leonardo Martinez & Horacio Sapriza