Economic Dynamics
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Volume 3 (2000)

Issue 1 (January)

Entrepreneurship, Saving and Social Mobility
by Vincenzo Quadrini

Political Equilibria with Social Security
by Michele Boldrin & Aldo Rustichini

Can Habit Formation be Reconciled with Business Cycle Facts?
by Martin Lettau & Harald Uhlig

Investment-Saving Comovement and Capital Mobility: Evidence from Century Long U.S. Time Series
by Daniel Levy

Human Capital and International Real Business Cycles
by Marco Maffezzoli

Gift Exchange and the Business Cycle: The Fair Wage Strikes Back
by Fabrice Collard & David de la Croix

Price Level Determinacy under a Pure Interest Rate Peg
by Jean-Pascal Benassy

Issue 2 (April)

by David K. Levine & Aldo Rustichini

Mutual Insurance, Individual Savings, and Limited Commitment
by Ethan Ligon & Jonathan P. Thomas & Tim Worrall

Implementation, Elimination of Weakly Dominated Strategies and Evolutionary Dynamics
by Antonio Cabrales & Giovanni Ponti

Private Experience in Adaptive Learning Models
by Felipe Perez-Marti

Correlation Learning and the Robustness of Cooperation
by Nicola Dimitri

The Castle on the Hill
by David K. Levine

Folk Theorem with One-Sided Moral Hazard: Necesary and Sufficient Conditionsl
by Harrison Cheng

Issue 3 (July)

Optimal Intertemporal Consumption Under Uncertainty
by Gary Chamberlain & Charles A. Wilson

Renegotiation-Proof Dynamic Contracts with Private Information
by Cheng Wang

The Macroeconomic Effects of German Unification: Real Adjustments and the Welfare State
by Fabio Canova & Morten Ravn

Equipment Investment and the Relative Demand for Skilled Labor: International Evidence
by Karnit Flug & Zvi Hercowitz

Hiring as Investment Behavior
by Eran Yashiv

The Monetary Transmission Mechanism
by Jess Benhabib & Roger E.A. Farmer

On the Political Economy of Latin American Land Reforms
by Antonia Diaz

On the Enforcement of Cooperative Environmental Policies
by Stephane Pallage

How Significant are Departures from Certainty Equivalence? Some Analytical and Empirical Results
by Abdelhak S. Senhadji

Issue 4 (October)

Bidding for Labor
by Benoit Julien & John Kennes & Ian King

Capital Accumulation in an Economy with Dynasties and Uncertain Lifetimes
by Lluisa Fuster

Learning-by-Using and the Switch to Better Machines
by Stephen L. Parente

Escaping Poverty: Risk-Taking and Endogenous Inequality in a Model of Equilibrium Growth
by Michael A. Sadler

Forecasting the Forecasts of Others in the Frequency Domain
by Kenneth Kasa

Human capital and optimal policy in a Lucas-type model
by Pedro Garcia-Castrillo & Marcos Sanso

Why Do Some Households Save So Little? A Rational Explanation
by Siu Fai Leung

Relative Performance Evaluations in a Model of Financial Intermediation
by Satoshi Kawanishi

Efficient Timing of Retirement
by Geoffrey H. Kingston