Economic Dynamics
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Volume 5 (2002)

Issue 1 (January)

Great Depressions of the Twentieth Century
by Timothy J. Kehoe & Edward C. Prescott

The Great U.K. Depression: A Puzzle and Possible Resolution
by Harold L. Cole & Lee E. Ohanian

The Great Depression in Canada and the United States: A Neoclassical Perspective
by Pedro Amaral & James C. MacGee

The French Depression in the 1930s
by Paul Beaudry & Franck Portier

The Role of Real Wages, Productivity, and Fiscal Policy in Germany's Great Depression 1928-37
by Jonas D.M. Fisher & Andreas Hornstein

The Great Depression in Italy: Trade Restrictions and Real Wage Rigidities
by Fabrizio Perri & Vincenzo Quadrini

Argentina's Lost Decade
by Finn E. Kydland & Carlos E. J. M. Zarazaga

A Decade Lost and Found: Mexico and Chile in the 1980s
by Raphael Bergoeing & Patrick J. Kehoe & Timothy J. Kehoe & Raimundo Soto

The 1990s in Japan: A Lost Decade
by Fumio Hayashi & Edward C. Prescott

Issue 2 (April 2002)

Productivity Growth: A New Era?
by James A. Kahn & Kevin Stiroh

Investment-Specific Technical Change in the US (1947-2000): Measurement and Macroeconomic Consequences
by Jason G. Cummins & Giovanni L. Violante

Is Embodied Technology the Result of Upstream R&D? Industry-Level Evidence
by Daniel J. Wilson

The PC Industry: New Economy or Early Life-Cycle?
by Mariana Mazzucato

Moore's Law and Learning-By-Doing
by Boyan Jovanovic & Peter L. Rousseau

What Happens When the Technology Growth Trend Changes?: Transition Dynamics, Capital Growth and the 'New Economy'
by Michael R. Pakko

ICT Investment and Economic Growth in the 1990s: Is the United States a Unique Case? A Comparative Study of Nine OECD Countries
by Alessandra Colecchia & Paul Schreyer

Technology Adoption Costs and Productivity Growth: The Transition to Information Technology
by James Bessen

Comments on James Bessen's "Technology Adoption Costs and Productivity Growth: The 70's as a Technology Transition"
by Diego Comin

Technological Change and the Scale of Production
by Matthew Mitchell

Costly Technology Adoption and Capital Accumulation
by Aubhik Khan & B. Ravikumar

Issue 3 (July)

Private Pensions: To What Extent Do They Account for Swedish Wealth Inequality?
by David Domeij & Paul Klein

Labor-Market Search and International Business Cycles
by Jean-Olivier Hairault

The Equivalence of Wage and Price Staggering in Monetary Business Cycle Models
by Rochelle M. Edge

On the Invariance of the Rate of Return to Convex Adjustment Costs
by Andrew B. Abel

Payments and Output
by Scott Freeman

Does Intrinsic Habit Formation Actually Resolve the Equity Premium Puzzle?
by David A. Chapman

The Demographic Transition in Europe: A Neoclassical Dynastic Approach
by Xavier Mateos-Planas

Unemployment Insurance and the Role of Self-Insurance
by Atila Abdulkadiroglu & Burhanettin Kuruscu & Aysegul Sahin

Procyclical Skill Retooling and Equilibrium Search
by Ian King & Arthur Sweetman

Issue 4 (October): Macroeconomic Perspectives on Families and Inequality

Tests of Income Pooling in Household Decisions
by Orazio Attanasio & Valérie Leche

Population Growth, Technological Adoption, and Economic Outcomes in the Information Era
byPaul Beaudry & David A. Green

Mortality, Fertility, and Saving in a Malthusian Economy
by Michele Boldrin & Larry E. Jones

Why Do Women Wait? Matching, Wage Inequality, and the Incentives for Fertility Delay
by Elizabeth M. Caucutt & Nezih Guner & John Knowles

Fertility Decisions and Gender Differences in Labor Turnover, Employment, and Wages
by Andrés Erosa & Luisa Fuster & Diego Restuccia

Bequests, Inter Vivos Transfers, and Wealth Distribution
by Shinichi Nishiyama

The Quantity and Quality of Schooling and U.S. Labor Productivity Growth (1870-2000)
by Peter Rangazas

College Attainment of Women
by José-Víctor Ríos-Rull & Virginia Sánchez-Marcos

Differential Fecundity and Gender-Biased Parental Investments in Health
by Aloysius Siow & Xiaodong Zhu