Economic Dynamics
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Volume 6 (2003)

Issue 1 (January)

When Are Comparative Dynamics Monotone?
by Mark Huggett

Early Retirement
by J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz & Vincenzo Galasso

Are Nash Tax Rates too Low or Too High? The Role of Endogenous Growth in Models with Public Goods
by George Economides & Apostolis Philippopoulos

A Discrete-Time Stochastic Model of Job Matching
by Anthony E. Smith & Yves Zenou

Prediction Ability
by Katsuya Takii

Modeling the Economics of Greenhouse Gas Abatement: An Overlapping Generations Perspective
by Tobias Rasmussen

Implementing the Friedman Rule
by Peter Ireland

A Search Model of Marriage and Divorce
by Tracy J. Cornelius

Wealth Effect on Labor Market Transitions
by Yann Algan & Arnaud Cheron & Jean-Olivier Hairault & Francois Langot

Implementing the 35 Hour Workweek by Means of Overtime Taxation
by Victoria Osuna & Jose-Victor Rios-Rull

External Shocks and Debt Accumulation in a Small Open Economy
by Abdelhak S. Senhadji

About Market Structure
by Klaus Kultti

IT Adoption Costs and Productivity: A Reply to Diego Comin
by James Bessen

Issue 2 (April 2003)

Money Growth Rules and Price Level Determinacy
by Charles T. Carlstrom & Timothy S. Fuerst

Money, Growth and Risk Sharing with Private Information
by Young Sik Kim

Debt, deficits, and age-specific mortality
by Hamid Faruqee

Competitive Markets for Non-Exclusive Contracts with Adverse Selection: the Role of Entry Fees
by Alberto Bisin & Piero Gottardi

Exchange rate regimes and international business cycles
by Theptida Sopraseuth

The Representative Consumer in the Neoclassical Growth Model with Idiosyncratic Shocks
by Lilia Maliar & Serguei Maliar

Tax evasion in a model of endogenous growth
by Been-Lon Chen

Effects of Flat-Rate Taxes: to What Extent Does the Leisure Specification Matter?
by Manuel Gomez

Intergenerational time transfers and childcare
by Emanuela Cardia & Serena Ng

A Dynamic General Equilibrium Analysis of Migration and Capital Formation: The Case of Canada
by Stuart J. Wilson

Issue 3 (July)

Determinacy Through Intertemporal Adjustment Costs
by Berthold Herrendorf & Akos Valentinyi

Fiscal Policy and Optimal Monetary Rules in a non Ricardian Economy
by Jean-Pascal Benassy

Firm investment in imperfect capital markets: A structural estimation
by Sangeeta Pratap & Silvio Rendon

Growth and Welfare Analysis of Tax Progressivity in a Heterogeneous-Agent Model
by Elizabeth M. Caucutt & Selahattin Imrohoroglu & Krishna B. Kumar

Technological Change and the Age-Earnings Profile: Evidence from the International Merchant Marine, 1861-1912
by Peter Thompson

Incomplete Unemployment Insurance and Aggregate Fluctuations
by Francesc Obiols-Homs

Labor Market Institutions, International Capital Mobility, and the Persistence of Underdevelopment
by Graziella Bertocchi

Transitions into Unemployment and the Nature of Firing Costs
by Alain Delacroix

Recursive Utility, Endogenous Growth, and the Welfare Cost of Volatility
by Anne Epaulard & Aude Pommeret

The Welfare Effects of Mobility Restrictions
by Byeongju Jeong

The (Interesting) Dynamic Properties of the Neoclassical Growth Model with CES Production
by Kent Smetters

Issue 4 (October)

Financial Frictions and Investment: Requiem in Q
by Russell Cooper & Joao Ejarque

Portfolio Choice With Internal Habit Formation: A Life-Cycle Model With Uninsurable Labor Income Risk
by Francisco Gomes & Alexander Michaelides

Asset Prices and Business Cycles with Costly External Finance
by Joao F. Gomes & Amir Yaron & Lu Zhang

Modeling the Macro-Effects of Sustained Fiscal Policy Imbalances: How Much Does Rationality Matter?
by Deborah Lucas

State Dependent Preferences Can Explain the Equity Premium Puzzle
by Angelo Melino & Alan X. Yang

Human Capital and the Private Equity Premium
by Valery Polkovnichenko

Growth and Welfare Effects of Business Cycles in Economies with Idiosyncratic Human Capital Risk
by Tom Krebs

Optimal Unemployment Insurance: Transitional Dynamics vs. Steady State
by Gilles Joseph & Thomas Weitzenblum

Heterogeneous Learning
by Chryssi Giannitsarou

The New Investment Theory and Aggregate Dynamics
by Leif Danziger

The Response of Term Rates to Monetary Policy Uncertainty
by Oscar Jorda & Kevin Salyer

Returns to Scale and Externalities in the Consumption and Investment Sectors
by Sharon G. Harrison

Aggregation under Complete Markets
by Masao Ogaki

Capital Trading, Stock Trading, and the Inflation Tax on Equity: A Note
by Scott Baier & Charles T. Carlstrom & Ralph Chami & Thomas Cosimano & Timothy Fuerst & Connel Fullenkamp