Economic Dynamics
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Volume 7 (2004)

Issue 1 (January)

Quantifying Embodied Technological Change
by Plutarchos Sakellaris & Daniel J. Wilson

Tax Smoothing versus Tax Shifting
by Dirk Niepelt

Step-by-step Migrations
by Thomas J. Holmes

Optimal Urban Land Use and Zoning
by Esteban Rossi-Hansberg

Fair Wages in a New Keynesian Model of the Business Cycle
by Jean-Pierre Danthine & Andre Kurmann

On the Local Interaction of Money and Credit
by Yi Jin & Ted Temzelides

Why Will Technical Change Not Be Permanently Skill-Biased?
by Patricia Crifo-Tillet & Etienne Lehmann

Modeling the Response of Money and Interest Rates to Monetary Policy Shocks: A Segmented Markets Approach
by Filippo Occhino

Optimism and Overconfidence in Search
by Juan Dubra

Mechanism Design and the Role of Enforcement in Freeman's Model of Payments
by David C. Mills, Jr

A Note on Scale Effects
by Hernando Zuleta

Issue 2 (April)

Self Control, Revealed Preferences and Consumption Choice
by Faruk Gul & Wolfgang Pesendorfer

Local Substitution and Habit Persistence: Matching the Moments of the Equity Premium and the Risk-Free Rate
by Olivier Allais

To Match or Not to Match? Optimal Wage Policy With Endogenous Worker Search Intensity
by Fabien Postel-Vinay & Jean-Marc Robin

Idiosyncratic Risk and Aggregate Employment Dynamics
by Jeffrey R. Campbell & Jonas D. M. Fisher

Entrepreneurial Ability and Market Selection in an Infant Industry: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry
by Atsushi Ohyama & Serguey Braguinsky & Kevin M. Murphy

Default, Reputation and Balanced-Budget Rules
by David R. Stockman

Estimating Euler Equations
by Orazio P. Attanasio & Hamish Low

Real Interest Rates and Brazilian Business Cycles
by Fabio Kanczuk

Robustness of Multiple Equilibria in OLG Economies
by Guido Cazzavillan & Patrick A. Pintus

Labor Market Search and Real Business Cycles: Reconciling Nash Bargaining with the Real Wage Dynamics
by Arnaud Cheron & Francois Langot

Costly Capital Reallocation and Energy Use
by Antonia Diaz & Luis A. Puch & Maria D. Guillo

Issue 3 (July)

Capital-Skill Complementarity and Inequality Over the Business Cycle
by Matthew J. Lindquist

Figuring out the Impact of Hidden Savings on Optimal Unemployment Insurance
byNarayana Kocherlakota

Hecksher-Ohlin Business Cycles
by Alejandro Cunat & Marco Maffezzoli

Intermediation Costs and Capital Flows
by Ayse Imrohoroglu & Krishna B. Kumar

Price Rigidity and Price Dispersion: Evidence from Micro Data
by Eyal Baharad & Benjamin Eden

Staggered Prices and Trend Inflation: Some Nuisances
by Guido Ascari

Concentration of Capital Ownership and Investment Fluctuations
by Zvi Hercowitz

Persistent, Nonfundamental Exchange Rate Fluctuations
by Irasema Alonso

Neoclassical Growth and Commodity Trade
by Alejandro Cunat & Marco Maffezzoli

Pace versus Type: The Effect of Economic Growth on Unemployment and Wage Patterns
by Martine Carre & David Drouot

Endogenous Policy Leads to Inefficient Risk Sharing
by Marco Celentani & J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz & Kalus Desmet

Issue 4 (October)

Trade Mechanism Selection in Markets with Frictions
by Gabriele Camera & Alain Delacroix

Farm Work, Home Work, and International Productivity Differences
by Douglas Gollin & Stephen L. Parente & Richard Rogerson

Rat Race, Redistribution, and Growth
by Guido Cozzi

On the Interaction between Education and Social Security
by Juan A. Rojas

Multinationals and the Gains from International Diversification
by Patrick F. Rowland & Linda L. Tesar

Avoiding Nash Inflation: Bayesian and Robus Responses to Model Uncertainty
by Robert Tetlow & Peter von zur Muehlen

Labor's Share Fluctuations, Biased Technical Change, and the Business Cycle
by Andrew Young