Economic Dynamics
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Forthcoming Articles

Dynamic effects of labor supply: a mechanism explaining cross-sectional differences in hours
by Ricardo Manuel Santos

Sustainable Social Security: Four Options
by Sagiri Kitao

Dynamic Asset Allocation with Ambiguous Return Predictability
by Hui Chen & Nengjiu Ju & Jianjun Miao

Offshoring and occupational specificity of human capital
by Moritz Ritter

Wage, Income and Consumption Inequality in Japan, 1981-2008: from Boom to Lost Decades
by Jeremy Lise & Nao Sudo & Michio Suzuki & Ken Yamada & Tomoaki Yamada

Spatial Takeoff in the First Industrial Revolution
by Alex Trew

Income Taxation of U.S. Households: Facts and Parametric Estimates
by Nezih Guner & Remzi Kaygusuz & Gustavo Ventura

Sunspots and Self-Fulfilling Beliefs in the U.S. Housing Market
by Masanori Kashiwagi

Social Security is NOT a Substitute for Annuity Markets
by Frank Caliendo & Nick Guo & Roozbeh Hosseini

Why Stare Decisis?
by Luca Anderlini & Leonardo Felli & Alessandro Riboni

Growth and crisis, unavoidable connection?
by Roberto Piazza

Interpreting Life-Cycle Inequality Patterns as an Efficient Allocation: Mission Impossible?
by Alejandro Badel & Mark Huggett

Gender Gaps across Countries and Skills: Demand, Supply and the Industry Structure
by Claudia Olivetti & Barbara Petrongolo

The Juvenile Crime Dilemma
by Ignacio Munyo

Optimal Stopping in a Model of Speculative Attacks
by Pablo Kurlat

Explaining Educational Attainment across Countries and over Time
by Diego Restuccia & Guillaume Vandenbroucke

Effects of Economic Development in China on Skill-Biased Technical Change in the US
by Angus Chu & Guido Cozzi & Yuichi Furukawa

Revisiting the Tale of Two Interest Rates with Endogenous Asset Market Segmentation
by Aubhik Khan & Julia Thomas

Executive Compensation: A General Equilibrium Perspective
by Jean-Pierre Danthine & John Donaldson

Dynamic Optimal Insurance and Lack of Commitment
by Alexander Karaivanov & Fernando Martin

Business Cycle Uncertainty and Economic Welfare
by Jang-Ok Cho & Thomas Cooley & Hyung Seok Kim

Are There Long-Run Effects of the Minimum Wage?
by Isaac Sorkin

Early childhood education expenditures and the intergenerational persistence of income
by William Blankenau & Xiaoyan Youderian

Bargaining with Commitment between Workers and Large Firms
by William Hawkins

Informal Employment and Business Cycles in Emerging Economies: The Case of Mexico
by Andres Fernandez & Felipe Meza

Unemployment Insurance and Optimal Taxation in a Search Model of the Labor Market
by Athanasios Geromichalos

Monetary Policy, the Tax Code, and the Real Effects of Energy Shocks
by William Gavin & Benjamin Keen & Finn Kydland

Globalization and Inflation: Evidence from a Time Varying VAR
by Francesco Bianchi & Andrea Civelli

The dynamics of public investment under persistent electoral advantage
by Marina Azzimonti

Transitional Dynamics and the Optimal Progressivity of Income Redistribution
by Ozan Bakis & Baris Kaymak & Markus Poschke

Human Capital Portfolios
by Pedro Silos & Eric Smith

Wealth and Labor Supply Heterogeneity
by Jose Mustre-del-Rio

An Incentive Mechanism to Break the Low-skill Immigration Deadlock
by David de la Croix & Frédéric Docquier

Should unemployment insurance be asset tested?
by Sebastian Koehne & Moritz Kuhn

How Can Government Spending Stimulate Consumption??
by Daniel Murphy

Innovations in Information Technology and the Mortgage Market
by Bulent Guler

The Role of Allocative Efficiency in a Decade of Recovery
by Kaiji Chen & Alfonso Irarrazabal

Homework in Monetary Economics: Inflation, Home Production, and the Production of Homes
by Boragan Aruoba & Morris Davis & Randall Wright

Financial Frictions, Internal Capital Markets, and the Organization of Production
by Pavel Sevcik

Innovation, Product Cycle, and Asset Prices
by Ryo Jinnai

Housing and Liquidity
by Chao He & Randall Wright & Yu Zhu

Why is Measured Productivity so Low in Agriculture?
by Berthold Herrendorf & Todd Schoellman

Trusting the Bankers: A New Look at the Credit Channel of Monetary Policy
by Matteo Ciccarelli & Angela Maddaloni & Jose Luis Peydro

Asset Prices and Efficiency in a Krebs Economy
by Alexis Akira Toda

Women's Emancipation through Education: A Macroeconomic Analysis
by Fatih Guvenen & Michelle Rendall

News Driven Business Cycles and Data on Asset Prices in Estimated DSGE Models
by Stefan Avdjiev

The Design of 'Soft' Welfare-to-Work Programs
by Nicola Pavoni, Ofer Setty and Gianluca Violante

Kinked Demand Curves, the Natural Rate Hypothesis, and Macroeconomic Stability
by Takushi Kurozumi & Willem Van Zandweghe

A Quantitative Analysis of the U.S. Housing and Mortgage Markets and the Foreclosure Crisis
by Satyajit Chatterjee & Burcu Eyigungor

On the Inherent Instability of Private Money
by Daniel Sanches

Implications of Heterogeneity in Preferences, Beliefs and Asset Trading Technologies in an Endowmnet Economy
by Yili Chien & Harold Cole & Hanno Lustig

Economic Reforms and the Evolution of China's Total Factor Productivity
by Chadwick Curtis

Directed Search over the Life Cycle
by Guido Menzio & Irina Telyukova & Ludo Visschers

Sufficient Conditions for Determinacy in a Class of Markov-Switching Rational Expectations Models
by Seonghoon Cho

Optimal Monetary Policy with Endogenous Export Participation
by Dudley Cooke

Expectations vs. Fundamentals-driven Bank Runs: When Should Bailouts be Permitted?
by Todd Keister & Vijay Narasiman