Presidential Letter

November 4, 2013

Dear SED Friends:

I must confess, I was a little nervous of having my first SED meeting, as President, in Seoul. I thought it was a great idea, but nevertheless it was our first meeting outside our Euro-American, self-referential territory. True, after visiting Yonsei University in 2012 things looked very promising, but a little nervousness remained. It couldn't have gone better!

Of course, this success would not have been achieved without the collaboration and work of people I would like to thank. First, the local organizers Yongsung Chang, Jang-Ok Cho, Sun-Bin Kim, Hyun Song Shin, Kwanho Shin, Tack Yun; in particular, Yongsung who smoothly solved any possible problem (some said that he also helped to solve the problem with North Korea, but I wouldn't go that far). Second, Virgiliu Midrigan and Josep Pijoan-Mas, and their Program Committee, who guaranteed that we can safely repeat our motto: 'SED meetings are excellent wherever they happen to be'. And third, of course, all the participants, starting with our lively and thoughtful plenary speakers: Hal Cole, Gianluca Violante and Mark Watson.

Having said this, meeting in Toronto in 2014 (26-28 June) -- in our (now less) self-referential territory -- may seem like an anticlimax. But I do not think so. Not just because Toronto is a great, culturally diverse city; or because, with Matthew Mitchell and Diego Restuccia we also have a remarkable team of local organizers to guarantee good logistics, service and fun. Not just because Marina Azzimonti and Veronica Guerrieri, and their program committee, I am sure, will keep our motto alive; but also because this coming year is the 25th SED Annual Meeting. Therefore, we will be celebrating


which could also be a great occasion on which to look back, for a moment, and see how much Economic Dynamics has achieved over these past 25 years; to look ahead, after that, and talk about how much can it achieve in the years to come.

So, we will Talk and Toast, on this very special occasion, and I hope you will be there too.

Rarom Marimon, President
Society for Economic Dynamics