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Author Index: B

Bachmann, Ruediger
2013: Politico-Economic Inequality and the Comovement of Government Purchases
(with Jinhui Bai)
Badel, Alejandro
2014: Interpreting Life-Cycle Inequality Patterns as an Efficient Allocation: Mission Impossible?
(with Mark Huggett)
Bagchi, Shantanu
2014: Is Smoking a Fiscal Good?
(with James Feigenbaum)
Baharad, Eyal
2004: Price Rigidity and Price Dispersion: Evidence from Micro Data
(with Benjamin Eden)
Bai, Jinhui
2013: Politico-Economic Inequality and the Comovement of Government Purchases
(with Ruediger Banchmann)
Baier, Scott
2003: Capital Trading, Stock Trading, and the Inflation Tax on Equity: A Note
(with Charles T. Carlstrom, Ralph Chami, Thomas Cosimano, Timothy Fuerst and Connel Fullenkamp)
Bajona, Claustre
2009: Entrepreneurship and Productivity: The Slow Growth of the Planned Economies
(with Luis Locay)
2010: Reforming State Owned Enterprises in China: Effects of WTO Accession
(with Tianshu Chu)
2010: Trade, Growth, and Convergence in a Dynamic Heckscher-Ohlin Model
(with Timothy Kehoe)
Baker, Scott Ross
2017: Income Changes and Consumption: Evidence from the 2013 Federal Government Shutdown
(with Contantine Yannelis)
Bakis, Ozan
2015: Transitional Dynamics and the Optimal Progressivity of Income Redistribution
(with Baris Kaymak and Markus Poschke)
Bar, Michael
2010: Demographic Transition and Industrial Revolution: A Macroeconomic Investigation
(with Oksana Leukhina)
Barczyk, Daniel
2014: A Dynamic Model of Altruistically-Motivated Transfers
(with Matthias Kredler)
Barlevy, Gady
2010: Estimating Mobility Rates in Search Models with Initial Condition Problems
(with H. N. Nagaraja)
Barnes, Stephen
2016: Federal Subsidization and State Medicaid Provision
(with Jorge Barro)
Barro, Jorge
2016: Federal Subsidization and State Medicaid Provision
(with Stephen Barnes)
Bassetto, Marco
2006: Redistribution, Taxes and the Median Voter
(with Jess Benhabib)
2008: Political Economy of Taxation in an Overlapping-Generations Economy
2015: Credit Crunches and Credit Allocation in a Model of Entrepreneurship
(with Marco Cagetti and Mariacristina De Nardi)
Bayer, Christian
2012: On the Dynamics of Interstate Migration: Migration Costs and Self-Selection
(with Falko Juessen)
Forthcoming: Large Open Economies and Fixed Costs of Capital Adjustment
(with Volker Tjaden)
Beauchemin, Kenneth
1998: Intergenerational Politics, Fiscal Policy and Productivity
(with Valérie Lechene)
Beaudry, Paul
2002: The French Depression in the 1930s
(with Franck Portier)
2002: Population Growth, Technological Adoption, and Economic Outcomes in the Information Era
(with David A. Green)
2011: Modeling News-Driven International Business Cycles
(with Martial Dupaigne and Franck Portier)
Bejan, Maria
2011: Trade Agreements and International Comovements: the Case of NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
Bellettini, Giorgio
1999: Is Social Security Really Bad for Growth?
(with Carlotta Berti Ceroni)
Bellofatto, Antonio Andres
2017: Taxing Atlas: Executive Compensation, Firm Size and Their Impact on Optimal Top Income Tax Rates
(with Laurence Ales & Jessie Jiaxu Wang)
Belo, Frederico
2014: Brand Capital and Firm Value
(with Xiaoji Lin and Maria Ana Vitorino)
Bems, Rudolfs
2006: Trade Deficits in the Baltic States: How Long Will the Party Last?
(with Kristian Jönsson Hartelius)
2008: Aggregate Investment Expenditures on Tradable and Nontradable Goods
Bénassy, Jean-Pascal
2000: Price Level Determinacy under a Pure Interest Rate Peg
2001: The Phillips Curve and Optimal Policy in a Structural Signal Extraction Model
2003: Fiscal Policy and Optimal Monetary Rules in a non Ricardian Economy
2005: Interest Rate Rules, Price Determinacy and the Value of Money in a non Ricardian World
Ben-Gad, Michael
2008: Capital-Skill Complementarity and the Immigration Surplus
Benhabib, Jess
2000: The Monetary Transmission Mechanism
(with Roger E. A. Farmer)
2006: Redistribution, Taxes and the Median Voter
(with Marco Bassetto)
2014: Learning, Large Deviations and Rare Events
(with Chetan Dave)
Benk, Szilárd
2005: Credit Shocks in the Financial Deregulatory Era: Not the Usual Suspects
(with Max Gillman and Michal Kejak)
Berentsen, Aleksander
2014: Floor Systems for Implementing Monetary Policy: Some Unpleasant Fiscal Arithmetic
(with Alessandro Marchesiani and Christopher Waller)
Bergoeing, Raphael
2002: A Decade Lost and Found: Mexico and Chile in the 1980s
(with Patrick J. Kehoe, Timothy J. Kehoe and Raimundo Soto)
Berti Ceroni, Carlotta
1999: Is Social Security Really Bad for Growth?
(with Giorgio Bellettini)
Bertocchi, Graziella
2003: Labor Market Institutions, International Capital Mobility, and the Persistence of Underdevelopment
Bertola, Giuseppe
2001: Wages and the Size of Firms in Dynamic Matching Models
(with Pietro Garibaldi)
Bessen, James
2002: Technology Adoption Costs and Productivity Growth: The Transition to Information Technology
2003: IT Adoption Costs and Productivity: A Reply to Diego Comin
Bethune, Zachary
2015: Aggregate Unemployment and Household Unsecured Debt
(with Guillaume Rocheteau and Peter Rupert)
Bhaskar, V.
2008: Purification in the Infinitely-Repeated Prisoners’ Dilemma
(George Mailath and Stephen Morris)
Bhattacharya, Dhritman
2013: Distortions, Endogenous Managerial Skills and Productivity Differences
(with Nezih Guner and Gustavo Ventura)
Bhattacharya, Joydeep
2001: On the Use of the Inflation Tax When Nondistortionary Taxes Are Available
(with Joseph Haslag)
Bianchi, Francesco
2015: Globalization and Inflation: Evidence from a Time Varying VAR
(with Andrea Civelli)
2017: Monetary/Fiscal Policy Mix and Agent’s Beliefs
(with Cosmin Ilut)
Binelli, Chiara
2010: Mexico in the 1990s: the Main Cross-Sectional Facts
(with Orazio Attanasio)
Bisin, Alberto
2003: Competitive Markets for Non-Exclusive Contracts with Adverse Selection: the Role of Entry Fees
(with Piero Gottardi)
Blankenau, William
1999: A Welfare Analysis of Policy Responses to the Skilled Wage Premium
2006: A Simple Economic Theory of Skill Accumulation and Schooling Decisions
(with Gabriele Camera)
2015: Early childhood education expenditures and the intergenerational persistence of income
(with Xiaoyan Youderian)
Bloise, Gaetano
2013: Fragility of Competitive Equilibrium with Risk of Default
(with Pietro Reichlin and Mario Tirelli)
Blundell, Richard
2010: Consumption, Income and Earnings Inequality in Britain
(with Ben Etheridge)
Bodenstein, Martin
2008: International Asset Markets and Real Exchange Rate Volatility
Bohn, Henning
1999: Should the Social Security Trust Fund Hold Equities
Boldrin, Michele
2000: Political Equilibria with Social Security
(with Aldo Rustichini)
2002: Mortality, Fertility, and Saving in a Malthusian Economy
(with Larry Jones)
Bollard, Albert
2013: India’s Mysterious Manufacturing Miracle
(with Peter Klenow and Gunjan Sharma)
Bond, Eric
2013: Misallocation and Productivity Effects of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff
(with Mario Crucini, Joel Rodrigue and Tristan Potter)
Bonfiglioli, Alessandra
2014: Growth, Selection and Appropriate Contracts
(with Gino Gangia)
Borowczyk-Martins, Daniel
2013: Accounting For Endogeneity in Matching Function Estimation
(with Gregory Jolivet and Fabien Postel-Vinay)
Bottazi, Renata
2012: Modelling the Demand for Housing over the Lifecycle
(with Orazio Attanasio, Hamish Low and Lars Nesheim)
Bouakez, Hafedh
2006: Learning-by-Doing or Habit Formation?
(with Takashi Kano)
2017: Public Investment, Time to Build, and the Zero Lower Bound
(with Michel Guillard & Jordan Roulleau-Pasdeloup)
Braguinsky, Serguey
2004: Entrepreneurial Ability and Market Selection in an Infant Industry: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry
(with Atsushi Ohyama and Kevin M. Murphy)
2007: Capital and growth with oligarchic property rights
(with Roger Myerson)
2007: A Theory of Competitive Industry Dynamics With Innovation and Imitation
(with Salavat Gabdrakhmanov and Atsushi Ohyama)
Branch, William
2007: Model Uncertainty and Endogenous Volatility
(with George Evans)
Brandt, Loren
2013: Factor Market Distortions Across Time, Space and Sectors in China
(Trevor Tombe and Xiaodong Zhu)
Bridgman, Benjamin
2008: Energy Prices and the Expansion of World Trade
Browning, Martin
2007: Asset Accumulation and Short Term Employment
(with Thomas F. Crossley and Eric F. Smith)
Broer, Tobias
2017: Consumption Risk Sharing with Private Information and Limited Enforcement
(with Marek Kapicka & Paul Klein)
Bruegemann, Bjoern
2010: Rent Rigidity, Asymmetric Information, and Volatility Bounds in Labor Markets
(with Giuseppe Moscarini)
Brzozowski, Matthew
2010: Consumption, Income, and Wealth Inequality in Canada
(with Martin Gervais, Paul Klein and Michio Suzuki)
Buera, Francisco
2013: Well-Intended Policies
(with Benjamin Moll and Yongseok Shin)
2015:Anatomy of a Credit Crunch: From Capital to Labor Markets
(with Roberto Fattal Jaef and Yongseok Shin)
Bullard, James
2005: Did the Great Inflation Occur Despite Policymaker Commitment to a Taylor Rule?
(with Stefano Eusepi)
Bunzel, Helle
2001: Specification and Estimation of Equilibrium Search Models
(with Bent Christensen, Peter Jensen, Nicholas Kiefer, L. Korsholm, L. Muus, G. R. Neumann and Michael Rosholm)
Burdett, Ken
1998: Two-Sided Search with Nontransferable Utility
(with Randall Wright)
2016: Wage Inequality: A Structural Decomposition
(with Carlos Carrillo-Tudela & Melvyn Coles)