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Author Index: G

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2007: A Theory of Competitive Industry Dynamics With Innovation and Imitation
(with Serguey Braguinsky and Atsushi Ohyama)
Gabler, Alain
2013: Experimentation by Firms, Distortions, and Aggregate Productivity
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2014: Relative Price Fluctuations in a Multi-Sector Model with Imperfect Competition
Gaggl, Paul
2018: On the Welfare Implications of Automation
(with Maya Eden)
Gaitan, Beatriz
2011: International Trade, Exhaustible-Resource Abundance and Economic Growth
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1999: The US Social Security System: What Does Political Sustainability Imply?
2003: Early Retirement
(with J. Ignacio Conde-Ruiz)
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2013: Learning About Match Quality and the Use of Referrals
Gallipoli, Giovanni
2016: Human Capital Spillovers and the Geography of Intergenerational Mobility
(with Brant Abbott)
Gambetti, Luca
2017: Business Cycle Fluctuations and the Distribution of Consumption
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Gancia, Gino
2014: Growth, Selection and Appropriate Contracts
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Garcia-Moran, Eva
2017: With Strings Attached: Grandparent-Provided Child Care and Female Labor Market Outcomes
(with Zoe Kuehn)
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2001: Wages and the Size of Firms in Dynamic Matching Models
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2016: Competitive On-the-job Search
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Gautier, Pieter
2016: Directed Search in the Housing Market
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Gavin, William
1999: Endogenous Money Supply and the Business Cycle
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2015: Monetary Policy, the Tax Code, and the Real Effects of Energy Shocks
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Gerardi, Dino
2010: Social Memory, Evidence, and Conflict
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(with Benjamin Keen and Finn Kydland)
Gemici, Ahu
2017: Search, Matching, and Training
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2015: Unemployment Insurance and Optimal Taxation in a Search Model of the Labor Market
Gertler, Mark
1999: “Overreaction” of Asset Prices in General Equilibrium
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2015: Introduction to the special issue on money, credit, and financial frictions
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2010: Consumption, Income, and Wealth Inequality in Canada
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2003: Heterogeneous Learning
2008: Asset Pricing with Adaptive Learning
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Gilchrist, Simon
2005: Investment, Capacity, and Uncertainty: A Putty-Clay Approach
(with John C. Williams)
2013: Misallocation and Financial Market Frictions: Some Direct Evidence from the Dispersion in Borrowing Costs
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Gilli, Mario
1999: Adaptive Learning in Imperfect Monitoring Games
Gillman, Max
2005: Credit Shocks in the Financial Deregulatory Era: Not the Usual Suspects
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Giovannetti, Giorgia
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Giustinelli , Pamela
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2004: Farm Work, Home Work, and International Productivity Differences
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Gomes, Francisco
2003: Portfolio Choice With Internal Habit Formation: A Life-Cycle Model With Uninsurable Labor Income Risk(with Alexander Michaelides)
2009: Optimal Savings with Taxable and Tax-Deferred Accounts
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2003: Asset Prices and Business Cycles with Costly External Finance
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2017: Human capital and the size distribution of firms
(with Zoe Kuehn)
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2003: Effects of Flat-Rate Taxes: to What Extent Does the Leisure Specification Matter?
Gomme, Paul
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2018: Market Work, Housework and Childcare: A Time Use Approach
(with Emanuela Cardia)
Gonzalez Chapela, Jorge
2011: Recreation, home production, and intertemporal substitution of female labor supply: evidence on the intensive margin
Gonzalez-Eiras, Martin
2011: Social security as Markov equilibrium in OLG models: a note
2015: Politico-Economic Equivalence
Gonzalez Gomez, Andres
2017: Financial Disruptions and the Cyclical Upgrading of Labor
(with Brendan Epstein & Alan Finkelstein Shapiro)
Goolsbee, Austan
1998: The Business Cycle, Financial Performance, and the Retirement of Capital Goods
Gorodnichenko, Yuriy
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2013: Learning, Capital-Embodied Technology and Aggregate Fluctuations
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2003: Competitive Markets for Non-Exclusive Contracts with Adverse Selection: the Role of Entry Fees
(with Albreto Bisin)
Gourio, François
2011: Transitional Dynamics of Dividend and Capital Gains Tax Cuts
(with Jianjun Miao)
Gowrisankaran, Gautam
2008: Electoral Design and Voter Welfare from the U.S. Senate: Evidence from a Dynamic Selection Model
(with Matthew F. Mitchell and Andrea Moro)
Graff, Michael
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2006: Strong Contagion with Weak Spillovers
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Gramlich, Edward
1999: Social Security Liabilities
Green, David A.
2002: Population Growth, Technological Adoption, and Economic Outcomes in the Information Era
(with Paul Beaudry)
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1999: Measuring the Rate of Technological Progress in Structures
(with Michael Gort and Peter Rupert)
2013: Quantifying the Impact of Financial Development on Economic Development
(with Juan Sanchez and Cheng Wang)
Grochulski, Borys
2010: Optimal Personal Bankruptcy Design under Moral Hazard
Gu, Chao
2013: Unconventional Optimal Open Market Purchases
(with Joseph Haslag)
Guillard, Michael
2017: Public Investment, Time to Build, and the Zero Lower Bound
(with Hafedh Bouakez & Jordan Roulleau-Pasdeloup)
Guillo, Maria D.
2004: Costly Capital Reallocation and Energy Use
(with Antonia Diaz and Luis A. Puch)
Guimaraes, Bernardo
2011: Sovereign default: which shocks matter?
2017: A Coordination Approach to the Essentiality of Money
(with Luis Araujo)
Gul, Faruk
2004: Self Control, Revealed Preferences and Consumption Choice
(with Wolfgang Pesendorfer)
Guler, Bulent
2015: Innovations in Information Technology and the Mortgage Market
Guner, Nezih
2002: Why Do Women Wait? Matching, Wage Inequality, and the Incentives for FertilityDelay
(with Elizabeth Caucutt and John Knowles)
2008: Macroeconomic Implications of Size-Dependent Policies
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2013: Distortions, Endogenous Managerial Skills and Productivity Differences
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2014: Income Taxation of U.S. Households: Facts and Parametric Estimates
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2011: News and knowledge capital
(with Alok Johri)
Guo, Jang-Ting
2001: Tax Policy and Stability in a Model with Sector-Specific Externalities
(with Sharon G. Harrison)
Guo, Nick
2014: Social Security is NOT a Substitute for Annuity Markets
(with Frank Caliendo and Roozbeh Hosseini)
Guvenen, Fatih
2009: An Empirical Investigation of Labor Income Processes
Forthcoming: Women’s Emancipation through Education: A Macroeconomic Analysis
(with Michelle Rendall)