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Author Index: H

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2008: Social Security with Rational and Hyperbolic Consumers
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2016: Search-and-Matching Analysis of High Unemployment Caused by the Zero Lower Bound
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2008: Consumption over the Life Cycle: The Role of Annuities
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Forthcoming: Fiscal Reform and Government Debt in Japan: A Neoclassical Perspective
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2018: A Tale of Transition: An Empirical Analysis of Economic Inequality in Urban China, 1986-2009
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2001: How Do Taxes Affect Human Capital? The Role of Intergenerational Mobility
2017: How Risky is College Investment?
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2015: Why is Measured Productivity so Low in Agriculture?
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2015: Public Education Financing, Earnings Inequality, and Intergenerational Mobility
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2012: How Should Environmental Policy Respond to Business Cycles? Optimal Policy under Persistent Productivity Shocks
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2015: Tightening Financial Frictions on Households, Recessions, and Price Reallocations
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