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Author Index: I – J

Iacoviello, Matteo
2015: Financial Business Cycles
Iantchev, Emil
2013: Asset-Pricing Implications of Biologically Based Non-Expected Utility
Igarashi, Yoske
2016: Distributional effects of hiring through networks
Ilut, Cosmin
2017: Monetary/Fiscal Policy Mix and Agent’s Beliefs
(with Francesco Bianchi)
Imrohoroglu, Ayse
1999: Social Security in an Overlapping Generations Economy with Land
(with Selahattin Imrohoroglu and Douglas Joines)
2004: Intermediation Costs and Capital Flows
(with Krishna B. Kumar)
Imrohoroglu, Selahattin
1999: Projected U.S. Demographics and Social Security
(with Mariacristina De Nardi and Thomas Sargent)
1999: Social Security in an Overlapping Generations Economy with Land
(with Ayse Imrohoroglu and Douglas Joines)
2003: Growth and Welfare Analysis of Tax Progressivity in a Heterogeneous-Agent Model
(with Elizabeth Caucutt and Krishna Kumar)
2008: Consumption over the Life Cycle: The Role of Annuities
(with Gary Hansen)
Forthcoming: Fiscal Reform and Government Debt in Japan: A Neoclassical Perspective
(with Gary Hansen)
Inaba, Masaru
2012: An application of business cycle accounting with misspecified wedges
(with Kengo Nutahara)
Inderst, Roman
2005: Bargaining with a Possibly Committed Seller
2008: Dynamic Bilateral Bargaining under Private Information with a Sequence of Potential Buyers
Ingram, Beth F.
2001: The Cyclical Behavior of Skill Acquisition
(with David DeJong)
Ionescu, Felicia
2009: The Federal Student Loan Program: Quantitative Implications for College Enrollment and Default Rates
Irarrazabal, Alfonso
2015: The Role of Allocative Efficiency in a Decade of Recovery
(with Kaiji Chen)
Ireland, Peter
2003: Implementing the Friedman Rule
2008: Productivity and U.S. Macroeconomic Performance: Interpreting the Past and Predicting the Future with a Two-Sector Real Business Cycle Model
(with Scott Schuh)
Ishihara, Hideko
2010: Existence of a continuum of equilibria in a monetary random-matching model
Janko, Zuzana
2008: Nominal Wage Contracts, Labor Adjustment Costs and the Business Cycle
Jappelli, Tullio
2010: Does Consumption Inequality Track Income Inequality in Italy?
(with Luigi Pistaferri)
Jarque, Arantxa
2010: Unobservable Persistent Productivity and Long Term Contracts
(with Hugo Hopenhayn)
Jensen, Peter
2001: Specification and Estimation of Equilibrium Search Models
(with Helle Bunzel, Bent Christensen, Nicholas Kiefer, L. Korsholm, L. Muus, G. R. Neumann and Michael Rosholm)
Jeong, Byeongju
2003: The Welfare Effects of Mobility Restrictions
Jerez, Belén
2005: Incentive Compatibility and Pricing under Moral Hazard
Jeske, Karsten
2010: Productivity, Energy Prices and the Great Moderation: A New Link
(with Rajeev Dhawan and Pedro Silos)
Jin, Yi
2004: On the Local Interaction of Money and Credit (with Ted Temzelides)
Jinnai, Ryo
2015: Innovation, Product Cycle, and Asset Prices
Johri, Alok
2009: Delivering Endogenous Inertia in Prices and Output
2011: News and knowledge capital
(with Christopher Gunn)
Joines, Douglas
1999: Social Security in an Overlapping Generations Economy with Land
(with Ayse Imrohoroglu and Selahattin Imrohoroglu)
Jolivet, Gregory
2013: Accounting For Endogeneity in Matching Function Estimation
(with Daniel Borowczyk-Martins and Fabien Postel-Vinay)
Jones, Larry
2001: Endogenous Policy Choice: The Case of Pollution and Growth
(with Rodolfo Manuelli)
2002: Mortality, Fertility, and Saving in a Malthusian Economy
(with Michele Boldrin)
2005: Fluctuations in Convex Models of Endogenous Growth I: Growth Effects
(with Rodolfo E. Manuelli, Henry E. Siu and Ennio Stacchetti)
2005: Fluctuations in Convex Models of Endogenous Growth II: Business Cycle Properties
(with Rodolfo E. Manuelli and Henry E. Siu)
2016: Baby Busts and Baby Booms: The Fertility Response to Shocks in Dynastic Models
(with Alice Schoonbrodt)
Jonsson, Magnus
2007: The welfare cost of imperfect competition and distortionary taxation
Jönsson Hartelius, Kristian
2006: Trade Deficits in the Baltic States: How Long Will the Party Last?
(with Rudolfs Bems)
Jorda, Oscar
2003: The Response of Term Rates to Monetary Policy Uncertainty
(with Kevin D. Salyer)
Joseph, Gilles
2003: Optimal Unemployment Insurance: Transitional Dynamics vs. Steady State
(with Thomas Weitzenblum)
Jovanovic, Boyan
1998: Michael Gort’s Contribution to Economics
1998: Vintage Capital and Inequality
2002: Moore’s Law and Learning-By-Doing
(with Peter L. Rousseau)
2010: Entry and Exit Echoes
(with Chung-Yi Tse)
Ju, Nengjiu
Forthcoming: Dynamic Asset Allocation with Ambiguous Return Predictability
(with Hui Chen and Jianjun Miao)
Juessen, Falko
2012: On the Dynamics of Interstate Migration: Migration Costs and Self-Selection
(with Christian Bayer)
Julien, Benoît
2000: Bidding for Labor
(with John Kennes and Ian King)
Jung, Jurgen
2016: Market Inefficiency, Insurance Mandate and Welfare: U.S. Health Care Reform 2010
(with Chung Tran)
Justiniano, Alejandro
2011: Investment Shocks and the Relative Price of Investment
(with Giorgio Primiceri and Andrea Tambalotti)
2015: Household Leveraging and Deleveraging
(with Giorgio Primiceri and Andrea Tambalotti)