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Author Index: L

Lacker, Jeffrey
2001: Collateralized Debt as the Optimal Contract
Lagerlöf, Nils Petter
2006: The Galor-Weil Model Revisited: A Quantitative Exercise
2010: From Malthusian War to Solowian Peace
Lagunoff, Roger
2010: Social Memory, Evidence, and Conflict
(with Luca Anderlini and Dino Gerardi)
Lahiri, Amartya
2005: A Two-Country Model of Endogenous Growth
(with Roger E. A. Farmer)
2009: A Tale of Two States: Maharashtra and West Bengal
(with Kei-Mu Yi)
Laitner, John
1999: Means Tested Public Assistance and the Demand for State Lottery Tickets
Lama, Ruy
2011: Accounting for Output Drops in Latin America
Langot, Francois
2003: Wealth Effect on Labor Market Transitions
(with Yann Algan, Arnaud Cheron and Jean-Olivier Hairault)
2004: Labor Market Search and Real Business Cycles: Reconciling Nash Bargaining with the Real Wage Dynamics
(with Arnaud Cheron)
2010: Matching frictions, unemployment dynamics and the cost of business cycles
(with Jean-Olivier Hairault and Sophie Osotimehin)
Lansing, Kevin
2009: Time Varying U.S. Inflation Dynamics and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve
Larch, Mario
2013: Whom to Send to Doha? The Shortsighted Ones!
(with Wolfgang Lechthaler)
Laufer, Steven
2017: Search, Matching, and Training
(with Christopher Flinn and Ahu Gemici)
Laun, Tobias
2016: Social Insurance and Retirement: A Cross-Country Perspective
(with Johanna Wallenius)
Leach, Chris
2016: Generational Asset Pricing, Equity Puzzles, and Cyclicality
(with Alan Guoming Huang and Eric Hughson)
Leal Ordóñez, Julio César
2014: Tax collection, the informal sector, and productivity
Lechene, Valérie
2002: Tests of Income Pooling in Household Decisions
(with Orazio Attanasio)
Lechthaler, Wolfgang
2013: Whom to Send to Doha? The Shortsighted Ones!
(with Mario Larch)
Leduc, Sylvain
2007: Monetary Policy, Oil Shocks, and TFP: Accounting for the Decline in U.S. Volatility
(with Keith Sill)
Lee, Chul-In
2007: On-the-Job Human Capital Accumulation in a Real Business Cycle Model: Implications for Intertemporal Substitution Elasticity and Labor Hoarding
(with Daehaeng Kim)
Lee, In Ho
1998: Learning and Asymmetric Business Cycles
(with Martin Chalkley)
Lee, Jae Won
2014: Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Households and Imperfect Risk-Sharing
Lee, Jaewoo
2013: Accounting for Global Dispersion of Current Accounts
(with Yongsung Chang and Sun-Bin Kim)
Lee, Manjong
2006: Optimal divisibility when money is costly to produce
(with Neil Wallace)
Leeper, Eric
2011: Information Flows and News Driven Business Cycles
(with Todd Walker)
Lehmann, Etienne
2004: Why Will Technical Change Not Be Permanently Skill-Biased?
(with Patricia Crifo-Tillet)
Leith, Campbell
2012: Optimal Monetary Policy in a New Keynesian Model with Habits in Consumption
(with Ioana Moldovan and Raffaele Rossi)
Lentz, Rasmus
2009: Optimal Unemployment Insurance in an Estimated Job Search Model with Savings
2016: Optimal Growth Through Product Innovation
(with Dale Mortensen)
Lester, Ben
2017: Excess Reserves and Monetary Policy Implementation
(with Roc Armenter)
Lettau, Martin
2000: Can Habit Formation be Reconciled with Business Cycle Facts?
(with Harald Uhlig)
2009: Euler Equation Errors
(with Sydney Ludvigson)
Leukhina, Oksana
2010: Demographic Transition and Industrial Revolution: A Macroeconomic Investigation
(with Michael Bar)
2017: How Risky is College Investment?
(with Michael Bar)
Leung, Siu Fai
2000: Why Do Some Households Save So Little? A Rational Explanation
Levine, David
1998: Modeling Altruism and Spitefulness in Experiment
2000: Introduction
(with Aldo Rustichini)
2000: The Castle on the Hill
2007: Continuous Time Limits of Repeated Games with Imperfect Public Monitoring
(with Drew Fudenberg)
2012: Production Chains
Levy, Daniel 
2000: Investment-Saving Comovement and Capital Mobility: Evidence from Century Long U.S. Time Series
Li, Bin Grace
2017: Innovation, Deregulation, and the Life Cycle of a Financial Service Industry
(with Fumiko Hayashi  & Zhu Wang)
Li, Nan
2011: Cyclical Wage Movements in Emerging Markets Compared to Developed Economies: the Role of Interest Rates
Li, Yiting
2011: Currency and Checking Deposits as Means of Payment
Licandro, Omar
1999: Firm Heterogeneity, Capacity Utilization and the Business Cycle
(with Jean-François Fagnart and Franck Portier)
Licari, Juan M.
2007: Monetary Policy and Asset Prices
(with Athanasios Geromichalos and Jose Suarez-Lledo)
Light, Bar
2018: Precautionary Saving in a Markovian Earnings Environment
Ligon, Ethan
2000: Mutual Insurance, Individual Savings and Limited Commitment
(with Jonathan Thomas and Tim Worrall)
Lim, Jong-Soo
2001: Finite Horizons, Political Economy, and Growth
(with James Kahn)
Lim, Youngjae
1998: General Equilibrium Models of Financial Systems: Theory and Measurement in Village Economies
(with Robert Townsend)
Lin, Xiaoji
2014: Brand Capital and Firm Value
(with Frederico Belo and Maria Ana Vitorino)
Lindé, Jesper
2001: Idiosyncratic Risk in the United States and Sweden: Is There a Role for Government Insurance?
(with Martin Floden)
2011: Firm-Specific Capital, Nominal Rigidities and the Business Cycle
(with David Altig, Lawrence Christiano and Martin Eichenbaum)
Lindquist, Matthew
2004: Capital-Skill Complementarity and Inequality Over the Business Cycle
Lise, Jeremy
2014: Wage, Income and Consumption Inequality in Japan, 1981-2008: from Boom to Lost Decades
(with Nao Sudo, Michio Suzuki, Ken Yamada and Tomoaki Yamada)
2016: Matching, Sorting, and Wages
(with Costas Meghir & Jean-Marc Robin)
Liu, Zheng
2008: Investment-Specific Technological Change, Skill Accumulation, and Wage Inequality
(with Hui He)
2009: Asymmetric Expectation Effects of Regime Shifts in Monetary Policy
(with Daniel Waggoner and Tao Zha)
Ljungqvist, Lars
2014: Career Length: Effects of Curvature of Earnings Profiles, Earnings Shocks, Taxes, and Social Security
(with Thomas Sargent)
2016: A Life-Cycle Model of Trans-Atlantic Employment Experiences
(with Sagiri Kitao & Thomas Sargent)
Lloyd-Ellis, Huw
2009: Schumpeterian Business Cycles with Pro-Cyclical R&D
(with Patrick Francois)
Locay, Luis
2009: Entrepreneurship and Productivity: The Slow Growth of the Planned Economies
(with Claustre Bajona)
Lopez, Pierlauro
2018: A New Keynesian Q Theory and the Link Between Inflation and the Stock Market
Lockwood, Lee
2012: Bequest Motives and the Annuity Puzzle
Lochner, Lance
1998: Explaining Rising Wage Inequality: Explanations With A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model of Labor Earnings With Heterogeneous Agents
(with James Heckman and Christopher Taber)
Loveira, Rosa
2006: A Simple Explanation of the Relative Performance Evaluation Puzzle
(with Marco Celentani)
Low, Hamish
2004: Estimating Euler Equations
(with Orazio Attanasio)
2005: Self-Insurance in a Life-Cycle Model of Labor Supply and Savings
2012: Modelling the Demand for Housing over the Lifecycle
(with Orazio Attanasio, Renata Bottazi and Lars Nesheim)
Lu, Shu-shiuan
2012: East Asian growth experience revisited from the perspective of a neoclassical model
Lucas, Deborah
2003: Modeling the Macro-Effects of Sustained Fiscal Policy Imbalances: How Much Does Rationality Matter?
Lucas, Robert E. Jr.
2001: Externalities and Cities
2005: Present at the creation: Reflections on the 2004 Nobel Prize to Finn Kydland and Edward Prescott
Ludvigson, Sydney
2009: Euler Equation Errors
(with Martin Lettau)
Ludwig, Alexander
2012: Demographic Change, Human Capital and Welfare
(with Thomas Schelkle and Edgar Vogel)
Luengo Prado, Maria
2008: On the User Cost and Homeownership
(with Antonia Diaz)
Luo, Yulei
2008: Consumption Dynamics under Information Processing Constraints
2010: Rational Inattention, Long-run Consumption Risk, and Portfolio Choice
Lustig, Hanno
2010: How Much Does Household Collateral Constrain Regional Risk Sharing?
(with Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh)
2016: Implications of Heterogeneity in Preferences, Beliefs and Asset Trading Technologies in an Endowment Economy
(with Yili Chien and Harold Cole)
Luo, Wanlan
2017: Persistent Heterogeneous Returns and Top End Wealth Inequality
(with Dan Cao)