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Author Index: M

MacDonald, Glenn
1998: Technology Diffusion and Aggregate Dynamics
(with David Andolfatto)
2009: The Industry Life-Cycle of the Size Distribution of Firms
(with Emin Dinlersoz)
MacGee, James
2002: The Great Depression in Canada and the United States: A Neoclassical Perspective
(with Pedro S. Amaral)
Maddaloni, Angela
2015: Trusting the Bankers: A New Look at the Credit Channel of Monetary Policy
(with Matteo Ciccarelli and Jose Luis Peydro)
Maffezzoli, Marco
2000: Human Capital and International Real Business Cycles
2001: Non-Walrasian Labor Markets and Real Business Cycles
2004: Hecksher-Ohlin Business Cycles
(with Alejandro Cuñat)
2004: Neoclassical Growth and Commodity Trade
(with Alejandro Cuñat)
Mailath, George
2008: Purification in the Infinitely-Repeated Prisoners’ Dilemma
(with V. Bhaskar and Stephen Morris)
Maliar, Lilia
2003: The Representative Consumer in the Neoclassical Growth Model with Idiosyncratic Shocks
(with Serguei Maliar)
Maliar, Serguei
2003: The Representative Consumer in the Neoclassical Growth Model with Idiosyncratic Shocks
(with Lilia Maliar)
Mandelman, Federico
2011: Investment Specific Technology Shocks and International Business Cycles: An Empirical Assessment
(with Pau Rabanal, Juan Francisco Rubio-Ramirez and Diego Vilan)
Manuelli, Rodolfo
2001: Endogenous Policy Choice: The Case of Pollution and Growth
(with Larry Jones)
2005: Fluctuations in Convex Models of Endogenous Growth I: Growth Effects
(with Larry E. Jones, Henry E. Siu and Ennio Stacchetti)
2005: Fluctuations in Convex Models of Endogenous Growth II: Business Cycle Properties
(with Larry E. Jones and Henry E. Siu)
Manovskii, Iourii
2016: Taxation and Unemployment in Models with Heterogeneous Workers
(with Marcus Hagedorn & Sergiy Stetsenko)
Manzano, Baltasar
2006: Optimal Oil Taxation in a Small Open Economy
(with Carlos de Miguel)
Marcet, Albert
2005: Money and Prices in Models of Bounded Rationality in High Inflation Economies
(with Juan Pablo Nicolini)
Marchesiani, Alessandro
2014: Floor Systems for Implementing Monetary Policy: Some Unpleasant Fiscal Arithmetic
(with Aleksander Berentsen and Christopher Waller)
Marimon, Ramon
2008: Nominal Debt as a Burden on Monetary Policy
(with Javier Díaz-Giménez, Giorgia Giovannetti and Pedro Teles)
Martin, Antoine
2007: Barriers to network-specific investment
(with Michael Orlando)
2008: Payment networks in a search model of money
(with Michael Orlando and David Skeie)
2015: Repos, Fire Sales, and Bankruptcy Policy
(with Gaetano Antinolfi, Francesca Carapella, Charles Kahn, David Mills and Ed Nosal)
Martin, Fernando
2009: A Positive Theory of Government Debt
2013: Information Disclosure and Exchange Media
(with David Andolfatto)
2015: Dynamic Optimal Insurance and Lack of Commitment
(with Alexander Karaivanov)
Martinez, Leonardo
2010: Quantitative properties of sovereign default models: solution methods
(with Juan Carlos Hatchondo and Horacio Sapriza)
Masters, Adrian
2008: HREF=””>Marriage, Commitment and Divorce in a Matching Model with Differential Aging
Mateos-Planas, Xavier
2001: Schooling and Distortions in a Vintage Capital Model
2002: The Demographic Transition in Europe: A Neoclassical Dynastic Approach
Matheron, Julien
2007: Technology Shocks, Non-stationary Hours and DSVAR
(with Martial Dupaigne and Patrick Fève)
Maussner, Alfred
2010: Inflation and Output Dynamics in a Model with Labor Market Search and Capital Accumulation
(with Burkhard Heer)
Mazzucato, Mariana
2002: ThePC Industry: New Economy or Early Life-Cycle?
McGrattan, Ellen
2012: Transition to FDI Openness: Reconciling Theory and Evidence
McKay, Alisdair
2013: Search for Financial Returns and Social Security Privatization
Meghir, Costas
2016: Matching, Sorting, and Wages
(with Jeremy Lise & Jean-Marc Robin)
2017: Human Capital Growth and Poverty: Evidence from Ethiopia and Peru
(with Orazio Attanasio, Emily Nix and Francesca Salvati)
Meh, Cesaire
2005: Entrepreneurship, Wealth Inequality, and Taxation
Melino, Angelo
2003: State Dependent Preferences Can Explain the Equity Premium Puzzle
(with Alan X. Yang)
Menzio, Guido
2016: Introduction to the special issue in the memory of Dale Mortensen
(with Randall Wright)
2016: Directed Search over the Life Cycle
(with Irina Telyukova and Ludo Visschers)
Menna, Lorenzo
2017: Optimal inflation to reduce inequality
(with Patrizio Tirelli)
Mertens, Karel
2011: Understanding the Aggregate Effects of Anticipated and Unanticipated Tax Policy Shocks
(with Morten Overgaard Ravn)
Messner, Matthias
2012: Recursive Methods for Incentive Problems
(with Nicola Pavoni and Christopher Sleet)
Mestieri, Martí
2017: Human Capital Acquisition and Occupational Choice: Implications for Economic Development
(with Johanna Schauer and Robert Townsend)
Meza, Felipe
2015: Informal Employment and Business Cycles in Emerging Economies: The Case of Mexico
(with Andres Fernandez)
Miao, Jianjun
2006: A search model of centralized and decentralized trade
2011: Transitional Dynamics of Dividend and Capital Gains Tax Cuts
(with François Gourio)
Forthcoming: Dynamic Asset Allocation with Ambiguous Return Predictability
(with Hui Chen and Nengjiu Ju)
Michaelides, Alexander
2003: Portfolio Choice With Internal Habit Formation: A Life-Cycle Model With Uninsurable Labor Income Risk
(with Francisco Gomes)
2009: Optimal Savings with Taxable and Tax-Deferred Accounts
(with Francisco Gomes and Valery Polkovnichenko)
Michau, Jean Baptiste
2013: Creative Destruction with On-the-Job Search
Mills, David C., Jr.
2004: Mechanism Design and the Role of Enforcement in Freeman’s Model of Payments
2015: Repos, Fire Sales, and Bankruptcy Policy
(with Gaetano Antinolfi, Francesca Carapella, Charles Kahn, Antoine Martin and Ed Nosal)
Minetti, Raoul
2010: Markets and Relationships in a Learning Economy
(with Luis Araujo)
Mino, Kazuo
2005: Occupational Choice and Dynamic Indeterminacy
(with Koji Shimomura and Ping Wang)
Mira, Pedro
1998: A Quantitative Analysis of Swedish Fertility Dynamics: 1751-1990
(with Zvi Eckstein and Kenneth Wolpin)
Mitchell, Matthew
2002: Technological Change and the Scale of Production
2008: Electoral Design and Voter Welfare from the U.S. Senate: Evidence from a Dynamic Selection Model
(with Gautam Gowrisankaran and Andrea Moro)
Mitra, Kaushik
2006: Learning Stability in Economies with Heterogenous Agents
(with Seppo Honkapohja)
Moe, Karine S.
1998: Fertility, Time Use, and Economic Development
Moen, Espen
2016: Competitive On-the-job Search
(with Pietro Garibaldi and Dag-Einar Sommervoll)
Moldovan, Ioana
Forthcoming: Optimal Monetary Policy in a New Keynesian Model with Habits in Consumption
(with Campbell Leith and Raffaele Rossi)
Moll, Benjamin
2013: Well-Intended Policies
(with Francisco Buera and Yongseok Shin)
Moro, Alessio
2012: The Structural Transformation Between Manufacturing and Services and the Decline in the US GDP Volatility
Moro, Andrea
2008: Electoral Design and Voter Welfare from the U.S. Senate: Evidence from a Dynamic Selection Model
(with Gautam Gowrisankaran and Matthew F. Mitchell)
Morris, Stephen
2008: Purification in the Infinitely-Repeated Prisoners’ Dilemma
(with V. Bhaskar and George Mailath)
Mortensen, Dale
1998: Technological Progress, Job Creation and Job Destruction
(with Christopher Pissarides)
2007: More on Unemployment and Vacancy Fluctuations
(with Eva Nagypal)
2016: Optimal Growth Through Product Innovation
(with Rasmus Lentz)
Moscarini, Giuseppe
2010: Rent Rigidity, Asymmetric Information, and Volatility Bounds in Labor Markets
(with Bjoern Bruegemann)
2016: Wage Posting and Business Cycles: a Quantitative Exploration
(with Fabien Postel-Vinay)
Moura, Alban
2017: Investment Shocks, Sticky Prices, and the Endogenous Relative Price of Investment
Mukoyama, Toshihiko
2014: The Political Economy of Entry Barriers
(with Latchezar Popov)
Müller, Christian
2005: The Swiss Disease: Facts and Artefacts, A Reply to Kehoe and Prescott
(with Yngve Abrahamsen, Roland Aeppli, Erdal Atukeren, Michael Graff and Bernd Schips)
Mueller, Rolf
1998: Mechanism Design and Village Economies: From Credit, to Tenancy, to Cropping Groups
(with Robert Townsend)
Mukoyama, Toshihiko
2009: Revisiting the Welfare Effects of Eliminating Business Cycles
(with Per Krusell, Aysegul Sahin and Anthony A. Smith, Jr.)
Mulligan, Casey
2005: Public policies as specification errors
Mumtaz, Haroon
2011: International Comovements, Business Cycle and Inflation: a Historical Perspective
(with Saverio Simonelli and Paolo Surico)
2017: Financial conditions and density forecasts for US output and inflation
(with Piergiorgio Alessandri)
Munyo, Ignacio
2015: The Juvenile Crime Dilemma
Murphy, Daniel
2015: How Can Government Spending Stimulate Consumption?
Murphy, Kevin M.
2004: Entrepreneurial Ability and Market Selection in an Infant Industry: Evidence from the Japanese Cotton Spinning Industry
(with Atsushi Ohyama and Serguey Braguinsky)
Mustre-del-Rio, Jose
2015: Wealth and Labor Supply Heterogeneity
Mutreja, Piyusha
2017: Capital Goods Trade, Relative Prices and Economic Development
(with Michael Sposi & B. Ravikumar)
Muus, L.
2001: Specification and Estimation of Equilibrium Search Models
(with Helle Bunzel, Bent Christensen, Peter Jensen, Nicholas Kiefer, L. Korsholm, G. R. Neumann and Michael Rosholm)
Myerson, Roger
2007: Capital and growth with oligarchic property rights
(with Serguey Braguinski)