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Author Index: N – O

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2010: Estimating Mobility Rates in Search Models with Initial Condition Problems
(with Gady Barlevy)
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2007: More on Unemployment and Vacancy Fluctuations
(with Dale Mortensen)
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(with Shigeru Fujita)
Nakata, Taisuke
2017: Optimal Government Spending at the Zero Lower Bound: A Non-Ricardian Analysis
Narasiman, Vijay
Forthcoming: Expectations vs. Fundamentals-driven Bank Runs: When Should Bailouts be Permitted?
(with Todd Keister)
Narita, Futoshi
2015: Resource Reallocation and Zombie Lending in Japan in the 1990s
(with Hyeog Ug Kwon and Machiko Narita)
Narita, Machiko
2015: Resource Reallocation and Zombie Lending in Japan in the 1990s
(with Hyeog Ug Kwon and Futoshi Narita)
Nechio, Fernanda
2016: Factor Specificity and Real Rigidities
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Nemov, Plamen
2015:Regional Reallocation and Housing Markets in a Model of Frictional Migration
Nesheim, Lars
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Neumuller, Seth
2017: Financial Sophistication and Portfolio Choice over the Life Cycle
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Nezami Narajabad, Borghan
2012: Information Technology and the Rise of Household Bankruptcy
Ng, Serena
2003: Intergenerational Time Transfers and Childcare (with Emanuela Cardia)
Ngai, L. Rachel
2008: Trends in Hours and Economic Growth
(with Christopher A. Pissarides)
2011: Accounting for Research and Productivity Growth Across Industries
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Nicolini, Juan Pablo
2005: Money and Prices in Models of Bounded Rationality in High Inflation Economies
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Niepelt, Dirk
2004: Tax Smoothing versus Tax Shifting
2015: Politico-Economic Equivalence
(with Martin Gonzalez-Eiras)
Nirei, Makoto
2006: Quantifying Borrowing Constraints and Precautionary Savings
2016: Pareto Distribution of Income in Neoclassical Growth Models
(with Shuhei Aoki)
Nishiyama, Shinichi
2002: Bequests, Inter Vivos Transfers, and Wealth Distribution
Nix, Emily
2017:Human Capital Growth and Poverty: Evidence from Ethiopia and Peru
(with Orazio Attanasio, Costas Meghir and Francesca Salvati)
Nosal, Ed
2007: How Amenities Affect Job and Wage Choices Over the Life Cycle
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2015: Repos, Fire Sales, and Bankruptcy Policy
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Nutahara, Kengo
2012: An application of business cycle accounting with misspecified wedges
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Oberfield, Ezra
2012: Optimal Taxation Over the Life Cycle
(with Aspen Gorry)
2013: Productivity and Misallocation During a Crisis: Evidence from the
Chilean Crisis of 1982
Obiols-Homs, Francesc
2003: Incomplete Unemployment Insurance and Aggregate Fluctuations
2011: On borrowing limits and welfare
Occhino, Filippo
2004: Modeling the Response of Money and Interest Rates to Monetary Policy Shocks: A Segmented Markets Approach
Ogaki, Masao
2003: Aggregation Under Complete Markets
Ohanian, Lee E.
2002: The Great U.K. Depression: A Puzzle and Possible Resolution
(with Harold L. Cole)2005: Monetary Policy and Learning
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2009: Home Production, Market Production and the Gender Wage Gap: Incentives and Expectations
(with Stefania Albanesi)
2014: Gender gaps across countries and skills: Demand, supply and the industry structure
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Olovsson, Conny
2014: How Does a Pay-as-you-go System Affect Asset Returns and the Equity Premium?
Ordonez, Guillermo
2016: Deceptive Redistribution
(with Simeon Alder)
Orlando, Michael
2007: Barriers to network-specific investment
(with Antoine Martin)
2008: Payment networks in a search model of money
(with Antoine Martin and David Skeie)
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2014: Size, Trend, and Policy Implications of the Underground Economy
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Ortalo-Magné, François
2011: Household Expenditures, Wages, Rents
(with Morris Davis)
Ortega, Francesc
2010: Credible Redistributive Policies and Migration across US States
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Ortigueira, Salvador
2006: Markov-Perfect Optimal Taxation
Osotimehin, Sophie
2010: Matching frictions, unemployment dynamics and the cost of business cycles
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2008: A Neoclassical Analysis of The Korean Crisis
Ozkan, Serdar
2013: On the Persistence of Income Shocks over the Life Cycle: Evidence, Theory, and Implications
(with Fatih Karahan)