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Author Index: P – Q

Pakko, Michael
2002: What Happens When the Technology Growth Trend Changes?: Transition Dynamics, Capital Growth and the ‘New Economy’
Pallage, Stéphane
2000: On the Enforcement of Cooperative Environmental Policies
Palomino, Francisco
2012: Bond Risk Premiums and Optimal Monetary Policy
Papp, Tamas
2013: Frictional wage dispersion with Bertrand competition: an assessment
Pappa, Evi
2005: Persistence without too much price stickiness: the role of variable factor utilization
(with Katharine Neiss)
Parente, Stephen
2000: Learning-by-Using and the Switch to Better Machines
2004: Farm Work, Home Work, and International Productivity Differences
(with Douglas Gollin and Richard Rogerson)
2013: Resistance to Technology Adoption: The Rise and Decline of Guilds
(with Klaus Desmet)
Pashchenko, Svetlana
2013: Quantitative Analysis of Health Insurance Reform: SeparatingRegulation from Redistribution
(with Ponpoje Porapakkarm)
Pavlov, Oscar
2013: Countercyclical Markups and News-Driven Business Cycles
(with Mark Weder)
2017: Product Scope and Endogenous Fluctuations
(with Mark Weder)
Pavoni, Nicola
2008: Efficient Allocations with Moral Hazard and Hidden Borrowing and Lending: A Recursive Formulation
(with Arpad Abraham)
2012: Recursive Methods for Incentive Problems
(with Matthias Messner and Christopher Sleet)
2016: The Design of ‘Soft’ Welfare-to-Work Programs
(with Ofer Setty and Gianluca Violante)
2017: The Evolution of Awareness and Belief Ambiguity in the Process of High School Track Choice
(with Pamela Giustinelli )
Pearlman, Joseph G.
2005: Knowing the Forecasts of Others
(with Thomas J. Sargent)
Peled, Dan
1999: Endogenous Cycles and Growth with Indivisible Technological Developments
(with Scott Freeman and Dong-Pyo Hong)
Penalva Zuasti, Jose S.
2001: Insurance with Frequency Trading: A Dynamic Analysis of Efficient Insurance Markets
Pensieroso, Luca
2011: The Great Depression in Belgium from a Neoclassical Perspective
Peralta-Alva, Adrian
2010: Oil Crisis, Energy-Saving Technological Change and the Stock Market Crash of 1973-74
(with Sami Alpanda)
Perez-Marti, Felipe
2000: Private Experience in Adaptive Learning Models
Peri, Giovanni
2015: The Labor Market Effects of Reducing the Number of Illegal Immigrants
(with Andri Chassamboulli
Perri, Fabrizio
2002: The Great Depression in Italy: Trade Restrictions and Real Wage Rigidities
(with Vincenzo Quadrini)
2010: Cross Sectional Facts for Macroeconomists
(with Dirk Krueger, Luigi Pistaferri and Giovanni L. Violante)
Pesendorfer, Wolfgang
2004: Self Control, Revealed Preferences and Consumption Choice
(with Faruk Gul)
Pessoa, Samuel A.
2007: The Effects of Longevity and Distortions on Education and Retirement
(with Pedro Ferreira)
Peterman, William
2016: The effect of endogenous human capital accumulation on optimal taxation
Petrin, Amil
2011: The Impact of Plant-level Resource Reallocations and Technical Progress on U.S. Macroeconomic Growth
(with Jerome Reiter and Kirk White)
Petrosky-Nadeau, Nicolas
2014: Credit, Vacancies and Unemployment Fluctuations
Petrongolo, Barbara
2014: Gender gaps across countries and skills: Demand, supply and the industry structure
(with Claudia Olivetti)
Peydro, Jose Luis
2015: Trusting the Bankers: A New Look at the Credit Channel of Monetary Policy
(with Matteo Ciccarelli and Angela Maddaloni)
Phan, Toan
2016: Information, Insurance and the Sustainability of Sovereign Debt
Philippopoulos, Apostolis
2003: Are Nash Tax Rates too Low or Too High? The Role of Endogenous Growth in Models with Public Goods
(with George Economides)
2008: Growth enhancing policy is the means to sustain the environment
(with George Economides)
Piazza, Roberto
2014: Growth and crisis, unavoidable connection?
Piguillem, Facundo
2013: Heterogeneous Labor Skills, The Median Voter and Labor Taxes
(with Anderson Schneider)
Pijoan-Mas, Josep
2006: Precautionary Savings or Working Longer Hours?
2010: Spain is Different: Falling Trends of Inequality
(with Virginia Sanchez-Marcos)
Pintea, Mihaela Iulia
2007: Technological Complexity and Economic Growth
(with Peter Thompson)
Pintus, Patrick A.
2004: Robustness of Multiple Equilibria in OLG Economies
(with Guido Cazzavillan)
2013: Leveraged Borrowing and Boom-Bust Cycles
(with Yi Wen)
Pissarides, Christopher
1998: Technological Progress, Job Creation and Job Destruction
(with Dale Mortensen)
2008: Trends in Hours and Economic Growth
(with L. Rachel Ngai)
Pistaferri, Luigi
2010: Does Consumption Inequality Track Income Inequality in Italy?
(with Tulio Jappelli)
2010: Cross Sectional Facts for Macroeconomists
(with Dirk Krueger, Fabrizio Perri and Giovanni L. Violante)
Platt, Brennan
2012: Running Out of Time: Limited Unemployment Benefits and Reservation Wages
(with S. Nuray Akin)
Plehn-Dujowich, José M.
2005: The Optimality of a Control Band Policy
Poilly, Celine
2013: How do financial frictions affect the spending multiplier during a liquidity trap?
(with Julio Carrillo)
Poirier, Arthur
2015: Unemployment benefit extensions at the zero lower bound
(with Julien Albertini)
Polgreen, Linnea
2008: Capital-Skill Complementarity and Inequality: A Sensitivity Analysis
(with Pedro Silos)
Polkovnichenko, Valery
2003: Human Capital and the Private Equity Premium
2009: Optimal Savings with Taxable and Tax-Deferred Accounts
(with Francisco Gomes and Alexander Michaelides)
Pommeret, Aude
2003: Recursive Utility, Endogenous Growth, and the Welfare Cost of Volatility
(with Anne Epaulard)
Ponti, Giovanni
2000: Implementation, Elimination of Weakly Dominated Strategies and Evolutionary Dynamics
(with Antonio Cabrales)
Popov, Latchezar
2014: The Political Economy of Entry Barriers
(with Toshihiko Mukoyama)
Porapakkarm, Ponpoje
2013: Quantitative Analysis of Health Insurance Reform: SeparatingRegulation from Redistribution
(with Svetlana Pashchenko)
Portier, Franck
1999: Firm Heterogeneity, Capacity Utilization and the Business Cycle
(with Jean-François Fagnart and Omar Licandro)
2002: The French Depression in the 1930s
(with Paul Beaudry)
2011: Modeling News-Driven International Business Cycles
(with Paul Beaudry and Martial Dupaigne)
Poschke, Markus
2013: Experimentation by Firms, Distortions, and Aggregate Productivity
(with Alain Gabler)
2015: Transitional Dynamics and the Optimal Progressivity of Income Redistribution
(with Ozan Bakis and Baris Kaymak)
Postel-Vinay, Fabien
2016: Wage Posting and Business Cycles: a Quantitative Exploration
(with Giuseppe Moscarini)
2004: To Match or Not to Match? Optimal Wage Policy With Endogenous Worker Search Intensity
(with Jean-Marc Robin)
Forthcoming: Accounting For Endogeneity in Matching Function Estimation
(with Daniel Borowczyk-Martins and Gregory Jolivet)
Potter, Tristan
2013: Misallocation and Productivity Effects of the Smoot-Hawley Tariff
(with Eric Bond, Mario Crucini and Joel Rodrigue)
Prat, Julien
2007: The Impact of Disembodied Technological Progress on Unemployment
Pratap, Sangeeta
2003: Firm Investment in Imperfect Capital Markets: A Structural Estimation
(with Silvio Rendon)
2012: Financial Frictions and Total Factor Productivity: Accounting for the Real Effects of Financial Crises
(with Carlos Urrutia)
Prescott, Edward C.
2002: Great Depressions of the Twentieth Century
(with Timothy J. Kehoe)
2002: The 1990s in Japan: A Lost Decade
(with Fumio Hayashi)
2005: Capacity constraints, asymmetries, and the business cycle
(with Gary D. Hansen)
2009: Lifetime Aggregate Labor Supply with Endogenous Workweek Length
(with Richard Rogerson and Johanna Wallenius)
Pries, Michael
2008: Worker Heterogeneity and Labor Market Volatility in Matching Models
Primiceri, Giorgio
2011: Investment Shocks and the Relative Price of Investment
(with Alejandro Justiniano and Andrea Tambalotti)
2015: Household Leveraging and Deleveraging
(with Alejandro Justiniano and Andrea Tambalotti)
Puch, Luis A.
2004: Costly Capital Reallocation and Energy Use
(with Antonia Diaz and Maria D. Guillo)
Pujolas, Pau
2017: Fiscal Discipline and Defaults
(with Gonzalo Fernandez-de-Cordoba and Jose Torres)
Quadrini, Vincenzo
2000: Entrepreneurship, Saving and Social Mobility
2002: The Great Depression in Italy: Trade Restrictions and Real Wage Rigidities
(with Fabrizio Perri)