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Author Index: T – U

Taber, Christopher
1998: Explaining Rising Wage Inequality: Explanations With A Dynamic General Equilibrium Model of Labor Earnings With Heterogeneous Agents
(with James Heckman and Lance Lochner)
Takii, Katsuya
2003: Prediction Ability
Tam, Xuan
2015: Labor Market Upheaval, Default Regulations, and Consumer Debt
(with Kartik Athreya, Juan Sanchez and Eric Young)
Tambalotti, Andrea
2011: Investment Shocks and the Relative Price of Investment
(with Alejandro Justiniano and Giorgio Primiceri)
2015: Household Leveraging and Deleveraging
(with Alejandro Justiniano and Giorgio Primiceri)
Tamayo, Cesar
2017: Bankruptcy Choice with Endogenous Financial Constraints
Teixeira, Arilton
2005: How Barriers to International Trade Affect TFP
(with Berthold Herrendorf)
2008: Privatization’s Impact on Private Productivity: The Case of Brazilian Iron Ore
(with James Schmitz)
Teles, Pedro
1999: The Optimal Inflation Tax
(with Isabel Correia)
2008: Nominal Debt as a Burden on Monetary Policy
(with Javier Díaz-Giménez, Giorgia Giovannettia and Ramon Marimon)
2011: Unique Monetary Equilibria with Interest Rate Rules
(with Bernardino Adao and Isabel Correia)
Telyukova, Irina
2016: Directed Search over the Life Cycle
(with Guido Menzio and Ludo Visschers)
Telmer, Chris
2007: Asset Pricing with Idiosyncratic Risk and Overlapping Generations
(with Kjetil Storesletten and Amir Yaron)
Temple, Jonathan
2009: Labor Markets and Productivity in Developing Countries
(with Mathan Satchi)
Temzelides, Ted
1998: Sequential Equilibrium and Competition in a Diamond-Dybvig Banking Model
(with Bernardino Adao)
2004: On the Local Interaction of Money and Credit
(with Yi Jin)2009: Fashion Statement
Tesar, Linda
2004: Multinationals and the Gains from International Diversification
(with Patrick Rowland)
Tetlow, Robert
2004: Avoiding Nash Inflation: Bayesian and Robus Responses to Model Uncertainty
(with Peter von zur Muehlen)
Thibault, Emmanuel
2008: Dynamic efficiency and intergenerational altruism
Thomas, Jonathan
2000: Mutual Insurance, Individual Savings and Limited Commitment
(with Ethan Ligon and Tim Worrall)
Thomas, Julia
2015: Revisiting the Tale of Two Interest Rates with Endogenous Asset Market Segmentation
(with Aubhik Khan)
Thompson, Peter
2003: Technological Change and the Age-Earnings Profile: Evidence from the International Merchant Marine, 1861-1912
2007: Technological Complexity and Economic Growth
(with Mihaela Iulia Pintea)
2011: Disagreements, employee spinoffs and the choice of technology
(with Jing Chen)
Tirelli, Mario
2013: Fragility of Competitive Equilibrium with Risk of Default
(with Gaetano Bloise and Pietro Reichlin)
2017: Optimal inflation to reduce inequality
(with Lorenzo Menna)
Tjaden, Volker
Forthcoming: Large Open Economies and Fixed Costs of Capital Adjustment
(with Christian Bayer)
Toda, Alexis Akira
2015: Asset Prices and Efficiency in a Krebs Economy
Tombe, Trevor
2013: Factor Market Distortions Across Time, Space and Sectors in China
(with Loren Brandt and Xiaodong Zhu)
Tomura, Hajime
2012: Asset Illiquidity and Market Shutdowns in Competitive Equilibrium
Torres, Jose L.
2017: Fiscal Discipline and Defaults
(with Gonzalo Fernandez-de-Cordoba and Pau Pujolas)
Townsend, Robert
1998: General Equilibrium Models of Financial Systems: Theory and Measurement in Village Economies
(with Youngjae Lim)
1998: Mechanism Design and Village Economies: From Credit, to Tenancy, to Cropping Groups
(with Rolf Mueller)
2017: Human Capital Acquisition and Occupational Choice: Implications for Economic Development
(with Marti Mestieri and Johanna Schauer)
Trejos, Alberto
2011: Gains from Trade and Measured Total Factor Productivity
(with Pedro Cavalcanti Ferreira)
Tran, Chung
2016: Market Inefficiency, Insurance Mandate and Welfare: U.S. Health Care Reform 2010
(with Jurgen Jung)
Tretvoll, Hakon
2018: Real Exchange Variability in a Two-Country Business Cycle Model
Trew, Alex
2014: Spatial Takeoff in the First Industrial Revolution
Trupkin, Danilo
2014: The Role of Inventories and Capacity Utilization as Shock Absorbers
(with Leonardo Auernheimer)
Tse, Chung-Yi
2010: Learning investment and industrial diversity in urban growth
2010: Entry and Exit Echoes
(with Boyan Jovanovic)
Tsoukalas, John
2013: Learning, Capital-Embodied Technology and Aggregate Fluctuations
(with Christoph Görtz)
Turino, Francesco
2014: Size, Trend, and Policy Implications of the Underground Economy
(with Renzo Orsi and Davide Raggi)
Tutino, Antonella
2013: Rationally inattentive consumption choices
Uhlig, Harald
2000: Can Habit Formation be Reconciled with Business Cycle Facts?
(with Martin Lettau)
Forthcoming: Fiscal Stimulus and Distortionary Taxation
(with Thorsten Drautzburg)
Üngör , Murat
2017: Productivity Growth and Labor Reallocation: Latin America versus East Asia
Uríbe, Martin
1999: Y2K
(with Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé)
2010: Incomplete Cost Pass-Through Under Deep Habits
(with Morten Ravn and Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé)
2011: Introduction to “Sources of Business Cycles”
(with Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé)
2011: Business Cycles With A Common Trend in Neutral and Investment-Specific Productivity
(with Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé)
Urrutia, Carlos
2008: Social Security with Uninsurable Income Risk and Endogenous Borrowing Constraints
(with Juan A. Rojas)
2012: Financial Frictions and Total Factor Productivity: Accounting for the Real Effects of Financial Crises
(with Sangeeta Pratap)