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Author Index: X – Z

Xu, Yi
2008: Macroeconomic Implications of Size-Dependent Policies
(with Nezih Guner and Gustavo Ventura)
Yakhin, Yossi
2007: Staggered Wages, Financial Frictions, and the International Comovement Problem
Yamada, Katsunori
2012: Japan’s Intangible Capital and Valuation of Corporations in a Neoclassical Framework
(with Hiroki Arato)
Yamada, Ken
2014: Wage, Income and Consumption Inequality in Japan, 1981-2008: from Boom to Lost Decades
(with Jeremy Lise, Nao Sudo, Michio Suzuki and Tomoaki Yamada)
Yamada, Tomoaki
2014: Wage, Income and Consumption Inequality in Japan, 1981-2008: from Boom to Lost Decades
(with Jeremy Lise, Nao Sudo, Michio Suzuki and Ken Yamada)
Yang, Alan X.
2003: State Dependent Preferences Can Explain the Equity Premium Puzzle
(with Angelo Melino)
Yang, Fang
2009: Consumption of the Life Cycle: How Different is Housing?
Yannelis, Nicholas
2017: Income Changes and Consumption: Evidence from the 2013 Federal Government Shutdown
(with Scott Ross Baker)
Yao, Wen
2012: Computing DSGE Models with Recursive Preferences and Stochastic Volatility
(with Dario Caldara, Jesus Fernandez-Villaverde and Juan Rubio-Ramirez)
Yaron, Amir
2003: Asset Prices and Business Cycles with Costly External Finance
(with Joao F. Gomes and Lu Zhang)
2007: Asset Pricing with Idiosyncratic Risk and Overlapping Generations
(with Kjetil Storesletten and Chris Telmer)
Yashiv, Eran
2000: Hiring as Investment Behavior
2016: Capital Values and Job Values
Yeltekin, Sevin
2006: Credibility and endogenous societal discounting
(with Christopher Sleet)
Yedid-Levi, Yaniv
2016: Why does employment in all major sectors move  together over the business cycle?
Yi, Kei-Mu
2009: A Tale of Two States: Maharashtra and West Bengal
(with Amartya Lahiri)
Yoon, Kiho
2001: An Anti-folk Theorem in Overlapping Generations Games with Limited Observability
Yorukoglu, Mehmet
1998: The Information Technology Productivity Paradox
Youderian, Xiaoyan
Forthcoming: Early childhood education expenditures and the intergenerational persistence of income
Young, Andrew
2004: Labor’s Share Fluctuations, Biased Technical Change, and the Business Cycle
Young, Eric
1998: Money Creation, Reserve Requirements, and Seigniorage
(with Joseph Haslag)
2009: The Stationary Distribution of Wealth under Progressive Taxation
(with Daniel Carroll)
2015: Labor Market Upheaval, Default Regulations, and Consumer Debt
(with Kartik Athreya, Juan Sanchez and Xuan Tam)
Yu, Edison
2013: The (Un)importance of Geographical Mobility in the Great Recession
(with Siddharth Kothari and Itay Saporta Eksten)
Yu, Jianfeng
2012: Using Long-Run Consumption-Return Correlations to Test Asset Pricing Models
Zabczyk, Pawel
2013: The Business Cycle Implications of Banks’ Maturity Transformation
(with Martin Andreasen and Marcelo Ferman)
Zakrajsek, Egon
2013: Misallocation and Financial Market Frictions: Some Direct Evidence from the Dispersion in Borrowing Costs
(with Simon Gilchrist and Jae W. Sim)
Zanella, Giulio
2012: The Anatomy of the Aggregate Labor Supply Elasticity
(with Riccardo Fiorito)
Zanetti, Francesco
2017: Endogenous Turnover and Macroeconomic Dynamics
(with Masashige Hamano)
Zanna, Luis-Felipe
2012: Equilibrium Determinacy and Inflation Measures for Interest Rate Rules
(with Marco Airaudo)
Zarazaga, Carlos E. J. M.
2002: Argentina’s Lost Decade
(with Finn E. Kydland)
Zeira, Joseph
2011: Israel 1983: A bout of unpleasant monetarist arithmetic?
(with Thomas Sargent)
Zenou, Yves
2003: A Discrete-Time Stochastic Model of Job Matching
(with Anthony E. Smith)
Zha, Tao
2005: Monetary Policy and Learning
(with Lee Ohanian and Marco Del Negro)
2009: Asymmetric Expectation Effects of Regime Shifts in Monetary Policy
(with Zheng Liu and Daniel Waggoner)
Zhang, Lu
2003: Asset Prices and Business Cycles with Costly External Finance
(with Joao F. Gomes and Amir Yaron)
Zhang, Min
2012: Labor Market Cycles, Unemployment Insurance Eligibility, and Moral Hazard Corresponding
(with Miquel Faig)
Zhao, Bo
2017: Too Poor to Retire? Housing Prices and Retirement”
Zhao, Jake
2017: The Impact of Personal Bankruptcy on Labor Supply Decisions
(with Daphne Chen)
Zhao, Kai
2014: War Finance and the Baby Boom
Zhu, Guozhong
2016: Household Finance over the Life-Cycle: What does Education Contribute?
(with Russell Cooper)
Zhu, Xiaodong
2002: Differential Fecundity and Gender-Biased Parental Investments in Health
(with Aloysius Siow)
2013: Factor Market Distortions Across Time, Space and Sectors in China
(with Loren Brandt and Trevor Tombe)
Zhu, Yu
2015: Housing and Liquidity
(with Chao He and Randall Wright)
Ziebarth, Nicolas
2013: Are China and India Backwards? Evidence from the 19th Century U.S. Census of Manufactures
Zin, Stanley
2009: Model Uncertainty and Liquidity
(with Bryan Routledge)
Zuleta, Hernando
2004: A Note on Scale Effects
2008: Factor Saving Innovations and Factor Income Shares