Information for Authors

The Review of Economic Dynamics publishes original articles on applications of dynamic economic theory to a wide variety of problems in economics. Related measurement, and empirical papers are also welcomed.


Submission fees policy

The submission fee at the RED is 175 US dollars. The review process will not begin until the fee is received. Fees are not refunded if a paper is summarily rejected after an initial evaluation from an editor. There is a reduced fee of 100 US dollars if all coauthors of the paper are full-time students at the time of each submission. Papers resubmitted for the first time after an invitation to resubmit are subject to a new submission fee. There is no submission fee for papers resubmitted for two or more times.

Editorial Policies

  1.  Manuscripts are accepted for review with the understanding that the same work has not been and will not be nor is presently submitted elsewhere. While the manuscript is under editorial review, it is the responsibility of the authors to keep the Editor informed about submissions, publication plans, and publications of related research (or abstracts thereof) in other outlets – including letters, journals, journals in other disciplines, collections of articles, and published dissertations.

  2.  It is understood that submission of the paper for publication has been approved by all of the authors and by the institution where the work was carried out; further, that any person cited as a source of personal communications has approved such citation. Written authorization may be required at the Editor’s discretion. Articles and any other materials published in the Review of Economic Dynamics represent the opinions of the author(s) and should not be construed to reflect the opinion of the Editorial Board or the Publisher.

Authors submitting a manuscript do so on the understanding that if it is accepted for publication, copyright in the article, including the right to reproduce the article in all forms and media, shall be assigned exclusively to the Publisher. The Copyright Transfer Agreement, which may be copied from the pages following the Information for Authors or printed from the journal home page, should be signed by the appropriate person(s) and should accompany the original submission of a manuscript to this journal. Transfer of copyright does not take effect until the article is accepted for publication.

Please check Elsevier’s Guide for Authors and review the Author Information Pack.
To submit a comment on an article that has appeared in the Review of Economic Dynamics, please follow these guidelines. First send a copy to the author and explain that you are considering submitting the comment to the Review of Economic Dynamics. Second, when you submit the comment, please include any response that you have received from the author. Comments on published articles will be considered only if they are accompanied by a letter stating that this process has been completed. If an author does not respond to your comment after a reasonable time, this should be explained in the accompanying letter. Authors will be invited to submit for consideration a reply to any comment of this kind that is accepted for publication.

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