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 Society for Economic Dynamics Program

2001 Annual Meeting

June 28 – 30, 2001
Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University

Stockholm, Sweden

June 28 Session I

June 28 Session II

June 28 Session III

June 29 Session I

June 29 Session II

June 29 Session III

June 30 Session I

June 30 Session II

June 30 Session III

June 29�1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

International Trade

Kei-Mu Yi (M. Ayhan Kose)
Can Trade Theory Help Us Understand the Linkages Between International Trade and Business Cycles?

Marco Maffezzoli (Alejandro Cunat)
Growth and Interdependence under Complete Specialization

Rui Castro
Economic Development under Alternative Trade Regimes

Claustre Bajona (Josh Ederington)
Should trade agreements include environmental and labor standards?

Monetary Theory: Payments and Transactions

Stephen Williamson
Payments Systems and Monetary Policy

Warren Weber
Interbank Payments Relationships in the Antebellum United States: Evidence from Pennsylvania

William Roberds (Charles M. Kahn and Jamie McAndrews)
A Theory of Transactions Privacy

James Bullard (Bruce Smith)
The Value of Inside and Outside Money

Optimal Fiscal Policy

Pedro Teles (Isabel Correia and Juan Pablo Nicolini)
Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Results on Tax Smoothing

Isabel Correia (Juan Pablo Nicolini and Pedro Teles)
Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy: Equivalence Results

Begoña Dominguez
Reputation in a Model with a Limited Debt Structure

Juan Carlos Conesa (Dirk Krueger)
On the Optimal Progressivity of the Income Tax Code

Unemployment I

Asa Rosen (Espen R. Moen)
Incentive contracts and unemployment

James Albrecht (Susan Vroman)
Equilibrium Search with Time-Varying Unemployment Benefits

Pietro Garibaldi (Etienne Wasmer)
Unattachment to the Labor Market

Marcel Jansen
Job Creation and Job Destruction with Non-Contractible Effort

Political Economy II

Cesar Martinelli
Convergence Results for Unanimous Voting

Alessandro Lizzeri (Nicola Persico)
Franchise Expansion

Andrea Moro (Matt Mitchell)
Efficient Government Mandates

Industrial Organization: Market Structure

Thomas Holmes (Gautam Gowrisankaran)
Do Mergers Lead To Monopoly in the Long Run? Results From the Dominant Firm Model

Markus M. Mobius
Death through Success: The Rise and Fall of Local Service Competition at the Turn of the Century

Luis Cabral
Increasing dominance with no efficiency effect

Susanna Esteban (Matthew Shum)
Measuring Market Power in a Durable Goods Oligopoly: the Automobile Market

International Capital Flows

Gianluca Violante (Orazio Attanasio)
The demographics transition in closed and open economy

Jordan Rappaport
How Does Openness to Capital Flows Affect Growth?

Yong Jin Kim
Borrowing Constraints and Technology Adoption

Ayse Imrohoroglu (Krishna Kumar)
Capital Flows

Financial Puzzles

Ellen McGrattan (Ed Prescott)
Taxes, Regulations, and Asset Prices

Burton Hollifield (Richard Green)
The Personal Tax Advantages of Equity

John Coleman (Ravi Bansal and Magnus Dahlquist)
The Forward Premium Puzzle in a Model with Traded and Non-Traded Goods

Annette Vissing-Jorgensen (Tobias J. Moskowitz)
The Private Equity Premium Puzzle