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Society for Economic Dynamics Program

2001 Annual Meeting

June 28 – 30, 2001
Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University

Stockholm, Sweden

June 28 Session I

June 28 Session II

June 28 Session III

June 29 Session I

June 29 Session II

June 29 Session III

June 30 Session I

June 30 Session II

June 30 Session III

June 30�1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

International Debt and Taxation

Enrique G. Mendoza (Linda L. Tesar)
“International Tax Coordination May Be Irrelevant: More on Supply-Side Economics in a Global Economy”

B. Gabriela Mundaca
Optimal bailout during currency and financial crisis: A sequential game analysis

Juan Sole
Lending Resumption After Default: Lessons from the capital markets during the 19th century

Vincenzo Quadrini
Policy commitment and the welfare gains from capital liberalization

Income & Wealth/Monetary Union

Tommaso Monacelli
Relinquishing Monetary Policy Independence

Stefania Albanesi
Inflation and Inequality

Hanno Lustig
Wealth Heterogeneity and Asset Prices in Limited Commitment Economies.

Labor and Search II

Fabien Postel-Vinay (Jean-Marc Robin)
To Match Or Not To Match? Optimal Wage Policy With Variable Worker Search Intensity

Thomas Weitzenblum (Joseph Gilles)
Unemployment Insurance and Precautionary Savings : Transitional Dynamics vs. Steady State Equilibrium

Pekka Sinko
Unemployment Insurance with Limited Potential Duration and Optimal Search Effort – Illustrative Simulations of the Finnish Labour Market

Claudio Michelacci (Javier Suarez)
Posting strategies in an equilibrium search model with adverse selection

Macro Theory: Determinacy

Stephane Gauthier
Determinacy in Linear Rational Expectations Models

Thomas Hintermaier
Lower bounds on externalities in sunspot models

Mikko Puhakka (Erkki Koskela and Markku Ollikainen)
Saddles, Indeterminacy and Bifurcations in an Overlapping Generations Economy with a Renewable Resource

Human Capital Formation and the Labor Market

Peter Norman (Han-Ming Fan)
Successful Minorities: Discrimination as a Device to Overcome Free-Riding

Martin Schindler
The Role of Human Capital in the Labor Market

Giulio Fella
Investment in general training with consensual layoffs

David Andolfatto (Christopher Ferrall, Paul Gomme)
Human Capital Theory and the Life Cycle Pattern of Learning, Earning, Income and Wealth.


John Kennan (James R. Walker)
The Effects of Wages and Welfare Benefits on Migration Decisions of Young Workers

Michael Ben-Gad
Importing Human Capital: Immigration in the Endogenous Growth Model

Lars M. Johansson
Fiscal implications of emigration

Ian King (Debasis Bandyopadhyay)
The Skill Distribution and Equilibrium Migration

Theories of Banking II

Tor Einarsson (Milton H. Marquis)
Bank Intermediation and Liquidity Effects in the Presence of a Frictionless Bond Market

Michael Manove (Michael Manove, A. Jorge Padilla, Marco Pagano)
Collateral, Project Screening, and Business-Cycle Dynamics

Sangeeta Pratap (Elisabeth Huybens and Astrid Luce)
Financial Market Discipline in Early 20th Century Mexico

Pietro Peretto (Nicola Cetorelli)
Oligopoly Banking and Capital Accumulation

Wages over the Business Cycle

Michelle Alexopoulos
Efficiency Wages and Inter-industry Wage Differentials

Guillermo Felices
Efficiency Wages in a New Keynesian Framework

Zheng Liu (Louis Phaneuf)
On the Transmission of Monetary Policy Shocks