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Society for Economic Dynamics Program

2001 Annual Meeting

June 28 – 30, 2001
Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University

Stockholm, Sweden

June 28 Session I

June 28 Session II

June 28 Session III

June 29 Session I

June 29 Session II

June 29 Session III

June 30 Session I

June 30 Session II

June 30 Session III

June 30�3:30 to 5:30 p.m.

International Crises

Kenichi Ueda
Crisis as Creative Destruction of Corruption

Sylvain Leduc (Luca Dedola)
Agency Costs and the Transfer Problem in a Small Open Economy

Katherine A. Smith (Enrique G. Mendoza)
Margin Calls, Trading Costs and the Sudden Stops of Capital Inflows into Emerging Markets

Properties of Sticky Price Models

Benjamin Eden
Satisfying Demand: A Cash-in-Advance, Random- Utility-Maximization Model

Eyal Baharad (Benjamin Eden)
Price Adjustment and Price Dispersion: An Analysis of Micro Data

Guido Ascari
Staggered Price and Trend Inflation

The Role of Government

Christopher Phelan
Public Trust and Government Betrayal

Kjetil Storesletten (John Hassler, Per Krusell, and Fabrizio Zilibotti)
The dynamics of government

Fabrizio Zilibotti (J. Hassler)
The Survival of the Welfare State

Marco Bassetto
Equilibrium and Government Commitment

Labor Contracts

Manuel Santos (Jorge Aseff and Manuel S. Santos)
Stock Options and Managerial Optimal Contracts

Mico Mrkaic (Vincenzo Quadrini)
Entrepreneurial Financing and the Macroeconomy

Fabiano Schivardi (Luigi Guiso, Luigi Pistaferri)
Insurance within the firm

Carlos Urrutia (V.V. Chari, Diego Restuccia)
On-the-Job Training, Limited Commitment, and Firing Costs

Money and Search II

Shouyong Shi
The Extent of Market and the Optimal Degree of Specialization

Christian Zimmermann
On the Emergence of Banking: Kiyotaki-Wright with Shifting Neighborhoods

Allen Head (Alok Kumar)
Price Posting and Price Dispersion in a Random Matching Monetary Model

Applied Micro: Structural Models

Antonio Merlo (Daniel Diermeier)
A structural model of government formation

Andrew Ching
Dynamic Equilibrium in the US Prescription Drug Market After Patent Expiration

Jerome Adda (Valerie Lechene)
Smoking and Life Expectancy: Why are there Education and Gender Differences?

David Stromberg
The Electoral College and Presidential Resource Allocation

International Growth Experiences

Laura Alfaro (Areendam Chanda, Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan Selin Sayek)
FDI and Growth: The Role of Local Financial Markets

Stephane Pallage (Sylvain Dessy)

Fidel Perez-Sebastian (Chris Papageorgiou)
Growth Miracles Reexamined

Antonio Manresa (Carmen Alvarez-Albelo)
Reconciling Neoclassical Growth Theory with Growth Experiences

Theories of Bankruptcy

Satyajit Chatterjee (Dean Corbae, Makoto Nakajima, Victor Rios-Rull)
On Unsecured Consumer Credit with Risk of Default

Jim MacGee (Michele Tertilt)
Consumer Bankruptcy and Income Uncertainty: A Fresh Start

Hulya Eraslan
Corporate Bankruptcy Reorganizations: Estimates from a Bargaining Model

Business Cycles

Aubhik Khan (Lee Ohanian, Julia Thomas)
Selection and Industry Evolution in a Real Business Cycle Model

James Costain (Michael Reiter)
Stabilization versus Insurance

Frederic Boissay
Credit Rationing and the Financial Accelerator

Eric Swanson
The Relative Price and Relative Productivity Channels for Aggregate Fluctuations