Letter from the President

Dear Colleagues,

With the spread of coronavirus, we have been struggling to make forecasts about what the summer will bring. In fact, we delayed the mailing of decisions for the annual conference until April 15 hoping that we would have better information. We do. Travel bans and shelter-in-place orders will not be lifted in time for us to hold the annual conference at the originally scheduled time, which this year was to be June 21-23 in Barcelona Spain.

After consultations with the local organizers— Jordi CaballeJoan LlullAlbert Marcet, and Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis—and program co-chairs—Doireann Fitzgerald and Nir Jaimovich—we have decided to reschedule the conference for June 2021. Specific dates will be announced soon once facilities at the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona campus have been booked. Doireann and Nir will notify authors of accepted papers as planned on April 15, 2020.  They have put together a strong program and, given that most seminars and conferences have been cancelled for spring and summer, many of the papers chosen will not have been presented that much during the year. We are currently working on the timeline for registering and uploading new versions of papers if necessary.

We are also planning to expand the meeting next year and will have a second call for papers with a February 15, 2021 deadline. For those that were not accepted in the first round, there will be an opportunity to try again. For those on the job market this fall with new papers, a year will not be lost.

I want to thank all of the organizers for their help and patience. I want to also thank the future organizers for their flexibility. We are now making plans to shift forward our original plans for the 2021 and 2022 summer meetings that were to take place in Taipei and Cartagena. Ping Wang of Washington University in St. Louis and hosts at the Institute of Economics at the Academia Sinica were originally scheduled for the summer meeting of 2021; David Perez-Reyna and hosts at the Universidad de los Andes were scheduled for 2022. We are now working on plans to host these meetings in 2022 and 2023 although we do not know at this point the dates or the ordering of cities. With so many cancellations, schedules have to be redone and conferences of our size require significant lead time.

In other news, we had three successful sessions at the 2020 ASSA Meetings in San Diego this past January. I want to thank Larry Christiano for overseeing our winter meeting sessions and Alessandro Dovis Gerad Padro i Miquel, and Thomas Winberry for soliciting great papers.

Finally, I owe much gratitude to the SED Secretary, Marina Azzimonti and SED Treasurer, Erwan Quintin, who have been in on all of this year’s ups and downs.

I encourage everyone to check out the SED website and twitter account for updates on next summer.

Ellen McGrattan

President, Society for Economic Dynamics