Letter from the President

November 2019

Dear Colleagues:

I want to start by congratulating both the program and the local committees for the success of the St. Louis meeting this past summer. Program co-chairs Marla Rippoll and Sevin Yeltekin did such a good job that I found it difficult to decide which of the parallel sessions to attend. This year, there were a total of 504 presentations in 14 parallel sessions with 3 presentations each—consisten with the last three meetings.  Marla and Sevin also chose three excellent speakers—Laura VeldkampJan Eeckhout, and Emmanuel Farhi—for the plenary sessions.  Of course, an important part of any good meeting is the local team that coordinates everything from the coffee breaks to the facilities.  This year’s team of B. RavikumarChris WallerRody Manuelli, and Carlos Garriga managed to do this seemingly effortlessly—although I know firsthand that there were many hours put in by the team and their staff members at Wash U and the Fed to make this a successful event.

Next year, the Universitat de Autonoma in Barcelona (UAB) will host the summer meeting on June 21-23. This will be our 30th anniversary and 25 years after we first held the SED in Barcelona.  The program chairs are Doireann Fitzgerald (Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis) and Nir Jaimovich (University of Zurich). I am happy to report that they have sent out the official announcement for the meeting and advertised that the submissions link is now open on our website. They have also announced that the three plenary speakers will be Nicola Fuchs-SchundelnGuido Menzio, and Emi Nakamura. I should note that we welcome diversity in submissions. Recently, we have included buttons in Conferencemaker to indicate gender and location.  Our hope is to avoid any bias in the submission process.  The local organizers this year are Albert MarcetRaul Santaeulalia-LlopisJordi Caballe, and Joan Llull—all from UAB. They are already hard at work making the arrangements.  As in St. Louis, we are hoping to organize large receptions rather than hosting a formal dinner.  The organizers are choosing beautiful spots in the city, what we will call “meeting points” where we can have tapas and drinks.

Plans are underway for the 2021 and 2022 summer meetings.  I am pleased to announce that the Institute of Economics at the Academia Sinica in Taipei will host the summer meetings in 2021 with the lead organizer being Ping Wang of Washington University in St. Louis. The plan is to follow that in 2022 with a meeting in Cartagena hosted by the Universidad de los Andes with the lead organizer being David Perez-Reyna.  Given facilities and venues must be secured well in advance, it is always necessary to plan the meetings several years in advance.  That leaves time for past organizers to pass on their knowledge.

For those attending the 2020 ASSA Meetings in San Diego this January, there will be three sessions sponsored by the SED.  The first is “Information, Reputation, and Optimal Policy,” on Friday, January 3, 10:15-12:15 and chaired by Alessandro Dovis.  The second is “The Political Economy and Economic Development of Non-Democracies,” on Friday January 3, 2:30-4:30 and chaired by Gerad Padro i Miquel.  The third is “Risk, Pricing, and Economic Dynamics,” on Saturday January 4, 2:30-4:30 and chaired by Thomas Winberry.  These sessions have been very well attended in recent years so if you are planning to go, go early to get a good seat.

For more information, please check out the SED website and don’t forget to submit to next summer’s meeting by February 15.

Ellen McGrattan

President, Society for Economic Dynamics