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Letter from the President

June, 19th, 2018

Dear Friends:

Time passes quickly.  It seems like a short time ago that I was struggling to write my first Presidential Letter in November 2015, and now this is my sixth and last letter. Fortunately, I can finish writing these letters on a high note, because I have some very good news.

Let me cut straight to the two pieces of good news:

First, the Board of Directors of the Society of Economic Dynamics has voted unanimously to elect Ellen McGrattan the next President of the SEDEllen has served our society since its founding:  She was Treasurer from 1992 to 2015(!), and she was one of the Editors of RED from 2002 to 2012.  Ellen will take over the responsibilities of president at the end of our upcoming meeting in Mexico City.  She will be in Mexico, so, if you are there as well, you can congratulate her and give her ideas for improving our society.  Ellen is fortunate to have the other officers of the society, Marina Azzimonti as Secretary and Erwan Quintin as Treasurer, continuing in their roles during her three years as President.

Second, given the consistently high attendance at the sessions that the SED has held at the Allied Social Science Associations Meetings, we have managed to expand our presence at the meetings from two sessions to three sessions starting at the 2019 meetings in Atlanta.  I want to thank Larry Christiano for doing a consistently excellent job in recruiting good economists to put our sessions together.  For the 2019 Meetings, Larry has recruited Adrien Auclert, Stefanie Stantcheva, and Arlene Wong to organize our three sessions.  We are also planning to organize a reception at the ASSA Meetings.  We will provide more details in the November newsletter.

I am excited about this year’s meeting in Mexico City.  The Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, with the support of the Banco de México, will host the meeting 28–30 June 2018.  The Local Organizing Committee, headed by Diego Domínguez, Germán Rojas, and Carlos Urrutia, have set up what I am sure will be a stimulating and enjoyable meeting.  The Program Committee, headed by David Lagakos and Guillermo Ordonez, have put together a high-quality program and have lined up an impressive set of plenary speakers:  Joseph Altonji, Enrique Mendoza, and Nancy Stokey.

There are two details worth noting about this year’s meeting. First, our gala dinner will be sponsored by the Banco de México and held in the historical center of the city.  Anyone familiar with Mexico City traffic will realize how difficult it would be to hold a large dinner in the city center on a Friday night.  Accordingly, we have moved the reception, usually held on Thursday night, to Friday night at the conference site at ITAM and moved the gala dinner, usually held on Friday night, to Thursday.  This means that the ideal nights for organizing dinners with friends are Wednesday night and Friday night after the reception.  Second, Sunday, 1 July is the day for the Presidential Election in Mexico.  This will not cause major problems in Mexico City itself, although there will be a major concentration of people in the zocalo in the city center to see election returns late on Sunday.  Usually, however, on the day of the election (Sunday) and the day before (Saturday), the local authorities impose la ley seca, which restricts sales of alcohol.  In Mexico City this restriction usually does not apply to sales of drinks with meals in restaurants.  It never applies to private parties, like the taquiza that we will hold at ITAM on Saturday night.  The details of the application of la ley seca will be announced the week before the meeting.  We will keep you informed.

The 2019 Meeting will be held in St. Louis on 27–29 June 2019.  It will be sponsored by Washington University in St. Louis and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis.  The local organizing committee, headed by Carlos Garriga, Rody Manuelli, B. Ravikumar, and Chris Waller, is arranging what promises to be an excellent meeting.  As President-Elect, Ellen McGrattan has managed to recruit Marla Ripoll and Sevin Yeltekin to serve as the Co-Chairs of the Program Committee.

I know that Ellen is already thinking about and planning future meetings of our society.  We expect to consider some promising proposals at the meeting of the Board of Directors in Mexico City.  I hope to be able to make some announcements about future meetings there.

I look forward to seeing those of you who were lucky enough to have your paper accepted in Mexico City.  I spent 2016 as a visitor at ITAM and the Banco de MéxicoMéxico City has become a center for culinary and cultural activities.  I intend to sample these offerings extensively.  I hope that you can join me.

Tim Kehoe

President, Society for Economic Dynamics

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