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Letter from the President

Dear Friends:

The 28th Meeting of the SED in Edinburgh that was held on 22–24 June 2017 was one of our best Meetings so far.  The Program Committee, headed by Veronica Rappoport and Kim Ruhl, put together a high quality, exciting program.  The plenary lectures given by Francesco Caselli, Eric Hurst, and Ayse Imrohologu were both well attended and stimulating.  Listening to Eric’s lecture, which was the third Dale Mortensen Lecture, I learned something about the effects on the labor market of large numbers of single young men living in their parents’ basements and spending large amounts of time playing electronic games.  The Local Organizing Committee, led by Sevi Rodriguez-Mora, put together an excellent set of social events.  Edinburgh is a beautiful city, and I will always remember John Moore’s speech-cum-comedy act following the dinner in the Assembly Rooms, which was in turn followed by dancing the ceilidh.  All of the details of the Meeting, including the slides from the plenary lectures, can be found on the Society’s web site.  I personally want to thank all of the people that I have mentioned and all of you who participated in helping to make the 2017 Meeting of the SED one of the best conferences in economics last year!

As high as was the standard set by the Edinburgh Meeting, I am confident that the 29th Meeting of the SED to be held 28–30 June 2018 in Mexico City will rise to a comparable level.  David Lagakos and Guillermo Ordoñez are chairing the Program Committee.  They have already lined up Plenary Lectures by Joseph Altonji, Enrique Mendoza, and Nancy Stokey.  Joe’s lecture will be the fourth Dale Mortensen Lecture in memory of our past President, inspiration, and friend, Dale Mortensen.  David, Guillermo, and their committee are waiting for your submissions from now through 15 February 2018.

The Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), in collaboration with the Banco de México, is hosting the 2018 Meeting, and the chairs of the Local Organizing Committee are Diego Domínguez, Germán Rojas, and Carlos Urrutia.  I spent a week in early October at ITAM discussing plans for the SED Meeting with the local organizers from ITAM and the Banco de México. As well as being an excellent conference in intellectual terms, I expect the 2018 SED Meeting to be a lot of fun with some truly excellent food and drinks.  Many of you may not know that I spent 2016 at ITAM doing research and teaching.  My wife and I rented an apartment in the La Condesa neighborhood, which, together with the nearby neighborhoods of Polanco and La Roma, is the scene of an ongoing cultural and gastronomic revolution.  The New York Times named Mexico City one of the most exciting cities in the world to visit in 2016. It is precisely in the Polano-Condesa-Roma area that the conference hotels are located.  I will make sure that our web site has an extensive list of places to go and things to see and do, especially restaurants where to eat.

The 2019 Meeting will be hosted by the Washington University in St. Louis and the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis on 27–29 June.  The Local Organizing Committee, headed by Carlos Garriga, Rody Manuelli, B Ravikumar, and Chris Waller is already arranging what promises to be an excellent meeting.

Our journal, the Review of Economic Dynamics, continues to do well under the able guidance of Coordinating Editors Jonathan Heathcoate and Vincenzo Quadrini.

Benjamin Lester, Pierre-Olivier Weill, and Ariel Zeitlin-Jones are currently planning a Special Issue on Fragmented Financial Markets. They are looking for high quality theoretical and empirical work that sheds light on liquidity, asset prices, and issues related to efficiency and/or fragility that may emerge in decentralized or fragmented financial markets. If you are interested in having your work considered, please submit your paper via email to by December 15th, 2017.

For all those who are going to attend the 2018 ASSA Meetings in Philadelphia on 5–7 January 2018, the SED is sponsoring two sessions:  the first at 8:00-10:00 am on 5 January  on “Behavioral Macroeconomics” and the second at 12:30–2:15 pm on 6 January on “New Approaches in Measuring Uncertainty.”  The expansion of the number of sessions for a small society like ours depends on attendance.  The SED would like to expand our presence at the ASSA Meetings, and I urge you to try to attend one or both of our sessions in Philadelphia.

I look forward to seeing you in Mexico and, if you are going to be at the ASSA Meetings, in Philadelphia!

Tim Kehoe

President, Society for Economic Dynamics