Review of Economic Dynamics

Special issue: Money, Credit, and Financial Frictions

Volume 18, Issue 1 (January 2015)


Introduction to the special issue on money, credit, and financial frictions
by Mark Gertler & Stephen Williamson

Household Leveraging and Deleveraging
by Alejandro Justiniano & Giorgio Primiceri & Andrea Tambalotti
Computational Appendix

Repos, Fire Sales, and Bankruptcy Policy
by Gaetano Antinolfi & Francesca Carapella & Charles Kahn & Antoine Martin & David Mills & Ed Nosal

Labor Market Upheaval, Default Regulations, and Consumer Debt
by Kartik Athreya & Juan Sanchez & Xuan Tam & Eric Young
Computational Appendix

Credit Crunches and Credit Allocation in a Model of Entrepreneurship
by Marco Bassetto & Marco Cagetti & Mariacristina De Nardi
Computational Appendix and Data Files

Aggregate Unemployment and Household Unsecured Debt
by Zachary Bethune & Guillaume Rocheteau & Peter Rupert
Computational Appendix and Data Files

Anatomy of a Credit Crunch: From Capital to Labor Markets
by Francisco J. Buera & Roberto Fattal-Jaef & Yongseok Shin
Computational Appendix and Data Files

Tightening Financial Frictions on Households, Recessions, and Price Reallocations
by Zhen Huo & Jose-Victor Rios-Rull
Computational Appendix and Data Files

Financial Business Cycles
by Matteo Iacoviello
Computational Appendix and Data Files