Review of Economic Dynamics: Volume 10 (2007)

Volume 10, Issue 2 (April 2007)

Continuous Time Limits of Repeated Games with Imperfect Public Monitoring
by Drew Fudenberg & David Levine

The Fiscal Theory of the Price Level and Initial Government Debt
by Betty Daniel

Model Uncertainty and Endogenous Volatility
by William Branch & George W. Evans

Technology Shocks, Non-stationary Hours and DSVAR
by Martial Dupaigne & Patrick Feve & Julien Matheron

Asset Prices, Nominal Rigidities, and Monetary Policy
by Charles T. Carlstrom & Timothy Fuerst

Technological Complexity and Economic Growth
by Mihaela Iulia Pintea & Peter Thompson

Education For All: A Welfare-Improving Course for Africa?
by Elisabeth Caucutt & Krishna B. Kumar

Volume 10, Issue 4 (October 2007)

Asset Pricing with Idiosyncratic Risk and Overlapping Generations
by Kjetil Storesletten & Chris Telmer & Amir Yaron

Class, Gender and Marriage
by Gillian Hamilton & Aloysius Siow

The welfare cost of imperfect competition and distortionary taxation
by Magnus Jonsson

Monetary Policy, Oil Shocks, and TFP: Accounting for the Decline in U.S. Volatility
by Sylvain Leduc & Keith Sill

Endogenous Growth Through Investment-Specific Technological Change
by Greg Huffman

Increasing Returns to Savings and Wealth Inequality
by Claudio Campanale

Capital and growth with oligarchic property rights
by Serguey Braguinsky & Roger Myerson

Barriers to network-specific investment
by Antoine Martin & Michael Orlando

A Theory of Competitive Industry Dynamics With Innovation and Imitation
by Serguey Braguinsky & Salavat Gabdrakhmanov & Atsushi Ohyama

Monetary Policy and Asset Prices
by Athanasios Geromichalos & Juan M Licari & Jose Suarez-Lledo