Review of Economic Dynamics: Volume 2 (1999)

Volume 2, Issue 1 (January 1999): In memory of S. Rao Aiyagari

“Overreaction” of Asset Prices in General Equilibrium
by S. Rao Aiyagari & Mark Gertler

Credit in a Random Matching Model with Private Information
by S. Rao Aiyagari & Stephen D. Williamson

Social Mobility: The Barro-Becker Children Meet the Laitner-Loury Dynasties
by Fernando Alvarez

A model of private bank-note issue
by Ricardo de O. Cavalcanti & Neil Wallace

A Quantitative Analysis of Swedish Fertility Dynamics: 1751-1990
by Zvi Eckstein & Pedro Mira & Kenneth I. Wolpin

Understanding the Effects of a Shock to Government Purchases
by Wendy Edelberg & Martin Eichenbaum & Jonas D.M. Fisher

Measuring the Rate of Technological Progress in Structures
by Michael Gort & Jeremy Greenwood & Peter Rupert

A Signaling Model of Multiple Currencies
by Narayana Kocherlakota & Thomas Krueger

On the Welfare Effects of Eliminating Business Cycles
by Per Krusell & Anthony A. Smith, Jr.

Means Tested Public Assistance and the Demand for State Lottery Tickets
by John Laitner

A Model of Commodity Money, with Applications to Gresham’s Law and the Debasement Puzzle
by François R. Velde & Warren E. Weber & Randall Wright

Volume 2, Issue 2 (April 1999)

The Optimal Inflation Tax
by Isabel Correia & Pedro Teles

Endogenous Money Supply and the Business Cycle
by William T. Gavin & Finn E. Kydland

Liquidity Contraints and Business Cycles in Developing Economies
by Benoît Carmichael & Sikoro Keita & Lucie Samson

Endogenous Cycles and Growth with Indivisible Technological Developments
by Scott Freeman & Dong-Pyo Hong & Dan Peled

Firm Heterogeneity, Capacity Utilization and the Business Cycle
by Jean-François Fagnart & Omar Licandro & Franck Portier

Search, Concave Production, and Optimal Firm Size
by Eric Smith

Adaptive Learning in Imperfect Monitoring Games
by Mario Gilli

Volume 2, Issue 3 (July 1999)

Special issue: Social Security

Social Security Liabilities
by Edward M. Gramlich

On the Distributional Effects of Social Security Reform
by Mark Huggett & Gustavo Ventura

Privatizing Social Security in the U.S. — Comparing the Options
by Laurence J. Kotlikoff & Kent Smetters & Jan Walliser

Projected U.S. Demographics and Social Security
by Mariacristina De Nardi & Selahattin Imrohoroglu & Thomas J. Sargent

Is Altruism Important for Understanding the Long-Run Effects of Social Security?
by Lluisa Fuster

Social Security in an Overlapping Generations Economy with Land
by Ayse Imrohoroglu & Selahattin Imrohoroglu & Douglas H. Joines
Computational Appendix

Should the Social Security Trust Fund Hold Equities
by Henning Bohn
Online Appendix

The US Social Security System: What Does Political Sustainability Imply?
by Vincenzo Galasso

Privatizing Social Security
by Thomas Cooley & Jorge Soares

Volume 2, Issue 4 (October 1999)

Social Security Reform with Heterogeneous Agents
by Juan C. Conesa & Dirk Krueger

Is Social Security Really Bad for Growth?
by Giorgio Bellettini & Carlotta Berti Ceron

A Welfare Analysis of Policy Responses to the Skilled Wage Premium
by William Blankenau

by Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe & Martin Uribe
Online Appendix