Review of Economic Dynamics: Volume 5 (2002)

Volume 5, Issue 1 (January 2002)

Special issue: Great Depressions

Great Depressions of the Twentieth Century
by Timothy J. Kehoe & Edward C. Prescott
Data Appendix

The Great U.K. Depression: A Puzzle and Possible Resolution
by Harold L. Cole & Lee E. Ohanian
Data Appendix

The Great Depression in Canada and the United States: A Neoclassical Perspective
by Pedro Amaral & James C. MacGee
Data Appendix

The French Depression in the 1930s
by Paul Beaudry & Franck Portier
Data Appendix

The Role of Real Wages, Productivity, and Fiscal Policy in Germany’s Great Depression 1928-37
by Jonas D.M. Fisher & Andreas Hornstein
Data Appendix

The Great Depression in Italy: Trade Restrictions and Real Wage Rigidities
by Fabrizio Perri & Vincenzo Quadrini
Data Appendix

Argentina’s Lost Decade
by Finn E. Kydland & Carlos E. J. M. Zarazaga
Data Appendix

A Decade Lost and Found: Mexico and Chile in the 1980s
by Raphael Bergoeing & Patrick J. Kehoe & Timothy J. Kehoe & Raimundo Soto
Data Appendix

The 1990s in Japan: A Lost Decade
by Fumio Hayashi & Edward C. Prescott
Data Appendix

Volume 5, Issue 4 (October 2002):Macroeconomic Perspectives on Families and Inequality

Tests of Income Pooling in Household Decisions
by Orazio Attanasio & Valérie Leche

Population Growth, Technological Adoption, and Economic Outcomes in the Information Era
byPaul Beaudry & David A. Green

Mortality, Fertility, and Saving in a Malthusian Economy
by Michele Boldrin & Larry E. Jones

Why Do Women Wait? Matching, Wage Inequality, and the Incentives for Fertility Delay
by Elizabeth M. Caucutt & Nezih Guner & John Knowles

Fertility Decisions and Gender Differences in Labor Turnover, Employment, and Wages
by Andrés Erosa & Luisa Fuster & Diego Restuccia

Bequests, Inter Vivos Transfers, and Wealth Distribution
by Shinichi Nishiyama

The Quantity and Quality of Schooling and U.S. Labor Productivity Growth (1870-2000)
by Peter Rangazas

College Attainment of Women
by José-Víctor Ríos-Rull & Virginia Sánchez-Marcos

Differential Fecundity and Gender-Biased Parental Investments in Health
by Aloysius Siow & Xiaodong Zhu