Review of Economic Dynamics: Volume 9 (2006)

Volume 9, Issue 3 (July 2006)

Understanding Differences in Hours Worked
by Richard Rogerson

Credibility and endogenous societal discounting
by Christopher Sleet & Sevin Yeltekin

Optimal Oil Taxation in a Small Open Economy
by Carlos de Miguel & Baltasar Manzano

The Role of Agriculture in Aggregate Business Cycles
by Jose Maria Da Rocha & Diego Restuccia

Specific factors meet intermediate inputs: implications for the persistence problem
by Kevin Huang

Learning-by-Doing or Habit Formation?
by Hafedh Bouakez & Takashi Kano

A Simple Explanation of the Relative Performance Evaluation Puzzle
by Marco Celentani & Rosa Loveira

Optimal divisibility when money is costly to produce
by Manjong Lee & Neil Wallace