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Society for Economic Dynamics Program

2001 Annual Meeting

June 28 – 30, 2001
Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University

Stockholm, Sweden

June 28 Session I

June 28 Session II

June 28 Session III

June 29 Session I

June 29 Session II

June 29 Session III

June 30 Session I

June 30 Session II

June 30 Session III

June 29�9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Exchange Rate Regimes

Robert Kollmann
Macroeconomic Effects of Nominal Exchange Rate Regimes: New Insights into the Role of Price Dynamics

Eduardo Levy-Yeyati (Federico Sturzenegger)
To Grow or to Trail: The Impact of Exchange Rate Regimes

Ester Faia
Stabilization Policy in a Two Country Model and The Role of Financial Frictions

Lise Patureau (Jean-Olivier Hairault and Thepthida Soprase)
Overshooting and the Exchange Rate Disconnect Puzzle: A Reappraisal


Inflation and Unemployment

Roger E. A. Farmer
Natural Rate Doubts

Marianne Nessen (David Vestin)
Average Inflation Targeting

Luca Guerrieri
Inflation Dynamics

Diana N. Weymark
Inflation Targeting under Imperfect Credibility in a Small Open Economy


Theories of Saving

Dirk Krueger (Jesus Fernandez Villaverde)
Consumption and Saving over the Life Cycle: How Important are Consumer Durables?

Keith Sill (S. Chatterjee)
Precautionary Savings with Variable Effort

Monika Bütler (Philipp Harms)
Buy High and Sell Low: The Unavoidable Saving Problem of the Baby Boomers

Don Schlagenhauf (Matthew Chambers)
The Distributional Costs of Monetary Shocks in a Heterogeneous Agent Economy



John Hassler (Jose V. Rodriguez)
Inequality and Mobility

Matthew J. Lindquist
Capital-Skill Complementarity and Inequality in Swedish Industry

Eswar Prasad (Michael Keane)
Changes in the Wage Structure During a Period of Rapid Technological Change: Evidence from the Polish Transition

Virginia Sánchez Marcos
Why did women go to college so rarely until 1976?


Monetary Theory

Narayana Kocherlakota
Essentiality of Money and Bonds and Implications for Open Market Operations

Ted Temzelides (Jalin Yu)
On Money as a Substitute for Perfect Recall

Yiting Li (Gabriele Camera)
Default risk and imperfect record-keeping in a random-matching model with money and credit

Ricardo Lagos (Randall Wright)
A Unified Framework for Monetary Policy and Theory Analysis


Econometrics II

David Domeij (Martin Floden)
On the intertemporal labor supply elasticity: Are estimates relevant for heterogeneous agent models?

Michael Svarer (Michael Rosholm)
Wages, Training, and Job Turnover in a Search-Matching Model


Growth and Taxation

Dirk Niepelt
Tax Smoothing versus Tax Shifting

Chi-Wa Yuen
Yet Another Long-Run Neutrality Result: Absence of Tax-Induced Growth Effects under Implicit Intergenerational Contracts

Thomas Osang (Christoph Boehringer)
The Growth and Welfare Effects of an Environmental Tax Reform

Pierre-Daniel Sarte (Wenli Li)
Growth Effects of Progressive Taxes


Topics in Finance

Joao F. Gomes (Leonid Kogan and Lu Zhang)
Equilibrium Cross Section of Returns

Joel Peress
Wealth, Information Acquisition and Portfolio Choice

Christian Calmes
Financial Markets Imperfections, Cash Flow and Investment

Gian Luca Clementi (Glenn MacDonald)
Agency, Capital, and Dividend Smoothing.